Why Athleisure Wear is key to performance

The next time you’re at the gym, look around at all the other people working out. Owing to the craze of posting ‘gym selfies’ and ‘post work out calm’ pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, everyone has started to invest in good workout wear, also known as athleisure wear. Somewhere down the line, not only has this trend added a new category to fashion and styling, but the constant motivation of putting up that super-hot-bod selfie has also gotten people to show up at the gym and workout.

Workout videos, selfies and fitness gears are the new trend and the fitness industry has also seen a splurge, thanks to social media.

So if you too want those great fitness-freak profiles, it is important to dress right for the gym. Here are a few looks you could try:

Grey is the perfect color for a gym look — not only can it be paired with any other color, it is also effortless.

All black is also a great option — not to forget a more sexy one! ;)

A mix-match of the staple colors with other colors will also make for a great look.

Complete your look by using contrasting colored sneakers and a fitness band or activity tracker (Not only will this act as a cool accessory, it will also help you track your progress).

On that note, happy gyming! :)