Lifestyle Changes to Make In 2017

A month into 2017 and off to a slow and slouchy start?

You need to change your lifestyle. You need to change the way you think, the way you work, the way you plan, the way you act — all of this will ultimately pay off in the form of a successful year, both professionally and personally.

Here are a few of the reasonable changes to make today for a better tomorrow and a better 2017:

1) Start Early

They say the early bird catches the worm, and research suggests there might be some truth to the old adage. Starting your day before 5 AM means getting a good 2 hour head start compared to most other people, which is a major advantage, given that everyone has only 24 hours a day.

2) Workout

Now of course you’ve heard this from everyone around you — and guess what — they’re all right! Working out will not just improve your physique, it will also improve your health drastically and give more energy throughout the day. It will also improve your concentration span.

3) Budget

Instead of spending aimlessly and hiding from your account because you’re afraid of what it might tell you, help yourself by creating a reasonable budget you can stick to. Make sure to list all of your expenses, including your money just for socializing. Then, figure out small, low-lift opportunities where you can spend less.

4) Read

If you can spend your day watching back to back episodes of your favorite Netflix series or rerun show, you definitely have time to browse through a library or an online platform. If you took just half the time you spend watching Netflix reading something stimulating and thought-provoking that might inspire your next endeavor.

This year, be more protective of your time — it’s as valuable as you make it!

We at Henry & Smith wish you all the luck for the rest of the year!