Not all of us are blessed with a great height. So many people, with the intention to appear taller, use elevated heels, padded should and other such techniques.

However, all your problems can be solved by the magic of style hacks. These make for hassle free and super convenient fixes to all your height problems:

1) Get a Tailor

Now this a super important part of winning at the fashion game, and also something that our fashion experts have mentioned time and again — a good tailor will make your look so much better and more effortless. Nothing suits better than a well-fitting suit or shirt. Reason being that the standard measurements do not apply for all. A tailor will thus help mend those longer sleeves and baggy pants.

2) Go Toned Head-to-Toe

This trick involves completely avoiding any kind of contrasts. One single color in different shades, from head to toe and no pairing with different colors — that’s how you can create the illusion and look taller than you actually are.

3) Wear the Right Shoes

The one most underrated yet essential aspect of styling is the footwear. Everyone looks at your shoes, maybe not directly, but they do. With a smart hack, even your shoes can help make you look taller.

The trick is to wear shoes that cover your feet only upto your calves. The lesser area covered, the taller you’d look.

4) Stripes

Stripes are a great fashion style — but vertical stripes are a great aid to the purpose. A good vertical stripe shirt like a blue and white striped button-down Oxford shirt is a wardrobe must-own if you are trying to create the illusion of height.

With these hacks, you can visually add inches above your shoulders.

#ProTip: “If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, keep your shirt untucked to elongate your upper half,” advises Kemp.

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