Waistcoats are back in fashion

For a very long time, almost decades now, waistcoats have washed out of our daily wear like a flimsy layer of soap. There was no one trying to revive it or even bothered to buy one. Men’s tailoring was reduced to a minimal as fast-fashion stretched over the globe with its t-shirts and flannels.

The entire point of a 3-piece suit is to gain an appearance of a well put-together outfit that radiates finesse and tastefulness.
Even though most workplaces do not have a strict officewear preference now, we are greedy for some polish and tailoring brought back into the streets.

Wearing a waistcoat might seem like an over-the-top choice right now for you but they look extremely flattering on just about anyone.
Usually after a long day at work, there will be creases on your shirt that will force you to go for a quick-change before some plans for the night.
But if you are wearing a waistcoat, you will look neat in the morning as well as in the evening with no efforts put in.

There is so much room for experimentation when it comes to this piece of clothing. You can play with tailorings, colors, textures and layering when putting together an outfit.
The substantial beauty of this era is customization and that is exactly what investing in some beautiful waistcoats will give you.

For first-timers, we would recommend ya’ll to take extreme care of picking the right weighted fabric and colors.
Take your suit along and try out different waistcoats with varying colors and fabrics to find the ones you feel would look great on you.
Please be mindful of the materials and select according to the season. There is no reason to restrict yourself to just winter-wear tweeds and wools when linens and cottons look just as great and refreshing during summers.

Ask opinions from the in-store help and tailors. They will probably give you the best hints and pointers on how to go about getting the look right.

Good luck and happy in-Vesting!