What your socks say about your personality?

You have stumbled down this tunnel of Sockalogy.
*If Astrology can exist, so can Sockalogy.* → Our argument to almost everything in life, really.

Don’t judge while we judge (or hope to correctly identify) you today.
Bear with us for we have put some brains and science in all the below results that are going to blow your brains away!

First things first, we hope you’re wearing a sock.
If not, go to your sock-drawer (we can only hope you have one) and pick the first pair of socks you look at.
Now, you can read on.

*Beware: The amount of times you are about to read the word “socks” might disable you to read it for the rest of the year due to the fatal overdose. 
Good luck with asking your mom to look for your favorite pair of…*

Are you wearing plain socks?

Plain socks do not automatically make you “plain”.
Actually, it determines that you enjoy clarity and safety more than attention and detailing.
You like to get tasks done in an efficient way and won’t think twice about the things that matter little.

You understand the gravity of the situations and never go wrong when it comes to socks with your essentials (blacks, browns, navys and greys) that remain timeless at all times.

Are you wearing bright socks?

The obvious interpretation of bright socks would be to cast you off as a loud, chirpy person.
But you are artsy. You realise when something needs more attention.
You see the world through your own pair of glasses, the one which sees few things in focus and blurs out the rest.

A little fun added to an outfit excites you, so does a little quirk in your circle of loved ones. You enjoy good laughs and nice conversation over anything else.

Are you wearing argyle socks?

You are a classic favorite for most.
Not only are you reliable, you are confident and you enjoy gardening your adventurous spirit.

You like to incorporate your moods into every task and see the world in a more positive light than many around you.

Trying to believe in yourself when the world is out and about grabbing people down the leg, you have achieved more than the majority.

Are you wearing striped socks?

You are the creative head in a group of ledgered brains.

Trying to reduce the level of formality most expect of you, you tend to add a touch of lull into your lifestyle.

You are trustworthy and people often ask of you for friendship and love. 
Even though, you like to grant your all to everyone who wants, you try scolding yourself for being “too giving”.

Are you wearing motif socks?

You enjoy belonging to someone or somewhere. Being a part of something bigger than yourself gives you direction.

Your real identity might not be the most interesting but you try to come off as a very charming person and quite often, succeed at it.

Confidence is your weapon. 
You enjoy making people laugh and leaving a mark making sure that there is no one in a room that can forget you.

Are you wearing odd socks?

For you, there is more to life than your 9–7 job and a family to go back to.
You enjoy life’s little nuances that feed your curiosity and ever-growing zeal.

Sometimes you can’t bother to find the other sock from the pair, while the other times you would rather stand out than in a pack of plain cards.

You have a voice, my friend. The kind everyone wishes to hear yet most can’t.

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