Why is Ranveer Singh the ‘Male Fashion Icon’ Bollywood always needed?

I don’t like Ranveer Singh like a fan would. I don’t own posters and desktop wallpapers of him.
But I did like Bittoo Sharma, Ricky Bahl and Varun Shrivastav from his movies- Band Baaja Baarat, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and Lootera. (don’t hate me, fan-girls)

The point that I am trying to make here is, for someone who is not a fan and does not personally enjoy his public shenanigans, I still believe he is the Male Fashion Icon the entire India was waiting for.

His transformation is real. And amazing.

It is almost too cruel to hate his efforts to look fabulous at all times. He not only wears preposterous clothes (according to the conventional standards) but also douses himself in confidence and untimely “swag”.
This combination is tough to argue with and even tougher to hate.

Therefore, I combined a list of traits that I think is portrayed from his style and jotted it down here for you.

1. The infectious energy
Life is tough for all and he walks through it with glitters and hula-hoops in both hands. 
There is little to ask to a person who can overshadow all under his umbrella of unconventional print selections.
His style is him. And he knows exactly how to let it through.

2. The robust solidarity
He isn’t afraid of the world. He isn’t afraid to break walls that were built centuries ago by people who knew little of the space between two divided extremes.
He is that space.
He is the collective voice of both sides and the middle when he disregards the brains built with ideals and morals to wear what will speak to those who are willing to listen.

3. The riotic tranquility
When he gets out of the house wearing clothes that look a lot like our sleep-wear, we know we have someone who he is doing what each of us wish we could.
He is power, then.
He is a force, then. 
The force we all would like to have a piece of.

4. The coherent fidelity
The colors, we are told, need to swing by each other for it to be put in a set.

What he wears has little to do with coherence but plenty to do with glaring yet locked windows of freedom.
We need a halloween or a competition to enjoy and have fun with what we wear. 
He makes his days as he please.
And that requires not delinquent manner but a ruthless callousness mastered to stand up to a world that is always on other end of the horizon.

5. The extant dissolve
He wore a skirt.
The country where being called a “girl” to a man is a bigger insult than most other slurs, this man wore a skirt for all to see.

He is making us ask the question most of us are afraid to, “If a woman can wear pants then why can’t men wear skirts?”

Feminism needs no voice when it comes to Ranveer.
His fashion choice is his voice.