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A Quote Worth Thinking About

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” — Marcus Aurelius

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+ “What makes money real?”

+ “In literal terms, however, the value of money is completely imaginary.”

+ “Laws, money, cultural norms, and many other things we believe are real are nothing more than“imagined orders.”

+ “…most of the things we define as real are, in fact, completely imaginary.”

+ “…one reason why you may not be achieving what you want to achieve in life is that your definitions of “real” and “possible” are much too rigid. It’s time to loosen them up.”

Most of the important things that drive society today are totally made up beliefs. 
“Money”, “Nations”, “Your Name” etc.
They exist only because we believe.

Your dream hasn’t and will not come true until you deploy massive amounts of believe.

Everything that exists today was once a dream.

Someone believed and it came to life. 
Stop being too much of a realist, Real is not real. 
Believe and you’ll make real.

Don’t wait for it to be real before you believe, It never will.

Rebuke every spirit of Thomas keeping you from overcoming the fear 
required to go to the next level of your life.

Be a believer! 
Believe you can do the impossible, that’s step #1.

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+ Many people are sabotaging their own financial situation without even realizing it. They may be so focused on just one aspect, like their career, that they are ignoring other parts of their finances.

Just like you hear and hear Gods word for it to sink in. 
Hear and Hear how to be better about your finances. 
And after you have heard,
hear and hear again,
read and read some more.

The reason you are not financially independent is not the government.
It’s you.

“Everybody wan go heaven but nobody wan die”

We all want to be wealthy or financially independent but we don’t want to imbibe the discipline of financial strategy or sacrifice comforts today for a brighter money future tomorrow.

Well, there’s no other way. We all gotta discipline up!

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+ If you live your life believing that most of your problems will somehow magically disappear without having to work on them, they will.

I love this article. 

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+ “Americans among the most stressed in the world”

+ “Nearly half (45%) felt worried a lot”

+ “More than one in five (22%) felt angry a lot”

As a lot of us in developing countries are migrating to developed countries like the US in massive numbers.

When we see statistics like the one in this article it should spur us to deep contemplation. 
“Why do they (US) have all the things we wanna go and get, yet they are angrier and more worried than us.

Food for thought.

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Helping Others makes Us Happier — Elizabeth Dunn

“It is more blessed to give”

We all feel that tinge of happiness when we help someone. 
Wanna be happier?
Don’t try to take or get more, 
Give more!
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The Startup of You, by Reid Hoffman

+ Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career

+ “All humans beings are entrepreneurs, When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed … finding our food, feeding ourselves. 
That’s where human history began. 
As civilization came, we suppressed it. 
We became “labour” because they stamped us, 
“You are labour.” We forgot that we are entrepreneurs. 
 — — Muhammad Yunus
 (Nobel Peace Prize Winner and micro-finance pioneer)

The above doesn’t mean that we are all meant to start companies, that stuff is too hard and risky for all to indulge. 
What it means is that the will to create is encoded in human DNA. 
We are all born to make something great, starting from ourselves!

This is a great read. You might not start a company but you already started a life. 
We have the most profitable companies that ever existed in our generation.

Reid shows you what you can learn from how these companies grew and became massive successes so that you can use a similar framework to live a more accountable and successful life.

This is an easy to read book.
You will learn from it whether you are a career or business person.

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