Meet 4 inspiring advocates of reproductive health

Our Motherhood Should Be a Choice series shares the empowering stories of four women (Aminata and Praise, Umah, and Margaret) who recognize the power of contraception.

Aminata Kabba

“I don’t work. I am only a school dropout due to pregnancy. I am not happy that my friends are in school while I am at home nursing a baby… With contraception, I am empowered to return to school and proceed to college to achieve my dreams.

Praise Chimota

“I am enjoying watching [my son] grow because every day there is something new about him. I decided to start an implant because we want to raise our child that we currently have before we have another one.”

Umah Dumbaya

“I go out and talk to women in my community about the importance of family planning and the reasons for increased drop out from school among adolescent girls. I want to help young women understand the power of contraception and avoid unwanted pregnancies so they can pursue their dreams like I did.”

Margaret Louve

“Before, I depended on friends, relatives and my husband purely for survival. Ever since I received the contraceptive, my worries about becoming pregnant stopped and I was able to pursue my career in a teacher’s college.”