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The Tale of the Rainbow-Haired Dummy Boy

Alas ladies and gents, we’ve reached the tipping point in the saga of Daniel “Tekashi 6ix9ine” Hernandez. Just before Thanksgiving the “Dummy Boy” artist was arrested on federal racketeering and firearm charges along with Kifano “Shotti” Jordan and three other former associates. Yes beloveds, Shotti is the same music executive seen on Love & Hip Hop New York season 9, episode 1. But I digress…

In just one year, a rainbow-haired troll gallivanting around with skittle teeth and 69 tattoos covering his face went from viral Soundcloud artist to collaborating with top hip hop talent like Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. 6ix9ine leveraged his internet fame, coupled with his ridiculous image to promote his first single “Gummo” which catapulted him into stardom. By February 2018 he landed his first double platinum hit for “Fefe” with Nicki Minaj, officially making him the rapper of the moment.

Politically Incorrect; Instagram: @F8Canon

After growing his relevance through intense — and admittedly entertaining — internet trolling, gang affiliation, countless beefs (like this, this and this to name a few), and controversy 6ix9ine got a few months of insane balling and partying out of it. But you know what they say, make a deal with the devil and you’re sure to get burned. Danny boy is now in federal custody somewhere in his a cell, fearing for his life and likely crying (shiiiid I know I would be). And he’ll be there presumably until his trial, set for September 2019. There’s no doubt that the feds are looping 6ix9ine into a criminal conspiracy he likely had no part in. But guilt by association — and promotion in this case — is damning. Daniel is a “dummy boy” indeed and has no one to blame but himself for his current predicament. I mean, anyone with one good eye could’ve seen this coming!

You ain’t Really Gang-Gang

It’s funny because when Maino said this he was talking about Safari, but when I heard it, I couldn’t help but think how fitting these words are in 6ix9ine’s situation. No one ever believed 6ix9ine to be some notorious gangsta running the streets of New York and calling the shots. He was the poster child, the golden goose if you will, for members of the Nine Trey Gangstas aka TreyWay who were managing his music career. He was never really gang-gang, just an obnoxious instigator playing gangsta for kids in the suburbs who want to experience street life from afar, basically selling gang culture like Disneyland tickets. Which is how he got so many views and hits online so quickly. His online antics would naturally trigger anyone’s curiosity to scroll through and investigate. I believe clickbait is the proper term. I had never even heard one song from 6ix9ine until Fefe. I knew of his existence a few short months prior, but only because The Shade Room constantly reposted his tomfoolery on social media.

Daniel used the clout of some very serious and dangerous people for likes and publicity. He fell in love with the persona, he liked the attention, and basked in the controversy. A prime example is his feud with Chief Keef that ultimately led to a shooting. 6ix9ine could have easily claimed to be gang gang without actually running with the gang and pushing their agenda. Other hip hop artists have gone on record briefly speaking on their affiliations in gangs — Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, The Game, and Lil Wayne to name a few. But the way 6ix9ine broadcasted, bragged and boosted was just over the top and outrageous. It was almost as if he was begging us to see and accept him as a Blood…which is just fucking weird.

You was with the Gang Until the Feds Came

In the days leading up to 6ix9ine’s arrest, ole Danny boy fired his entire management team and canceled his U.S. tour dates. He went on The Breakfast Club, wearing glasses and speaking with some sort of authority for himself, yet still holding onto this gang persona saying, “every blood aint’cha blood,” and stating that he only fears God and the FBI. Coincidence? I think TF not! During the time of The Breakfast Club interview, most people probably thought it was just a case of bad business and mismanagement. But hindsight clearly shows us that these actions were not coincidence but done by design in an effort for 6ix9ine to jump ship before the feds came knocking. The Dummy Boy album did not have any of the Treway shoutouts 6ix9ine is known for. But, staying true to his trolling nature 6ix9ine did tease the shoutout in “Kanga” with Kanye.

Getty Images

Although I would never wish prison or death on anyone, I do not have an ounce of sympathy for Daniel and his current situation. He asked for this. You can’t run with killers, thieves, and drug dealers; parade around as if you’re just as tough; use your affiliations to bully, harass, and intimidate others; then cry “I’m not really a Blood, I’m just pretending for entertainment,” when the feds come. Yes, he’s young but he’s still an adult and adults need to be accountable and stand by what they say. So, let this be a cautionary tale to never ride the wave because it’s bound to crash. But more importantly: if you’re not built for the streets, STAY YOUR ASS ON THE SIDEWALK!



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