2020 in Review

Street photography gallery from @womeninstreet community

France Leclerc
Quarantine, 2020. Montevideo, Uruguay. Alicia Haber
Barcelona February 1 week before cases were found in this city. How little did we know how this virus would affect us all. This image now feels so surreal. Kathleen Bridget Austin Smith
“No Stopping” — finding solace in walking, but landowners are getting paranoid. Eleri Norris
The veteran protesters dressed in orange, chained to each other, calling “Netanyahu let us free”. 2020 was the year Israel woke up. Orna Naor
Where is the exit to 2021? Sandra Thoss
This photo was taken during a Black Lives Matter protest in San Francisco in June of 2020. Despite the tragedy, the anger and the despair that brought people out into the streets, somehow these protests felt like a place of hope in an otherwise dismal world. Even with stay at home orders in effect so many people from all walks of life were risking so much to come out and stand together for something important. For a brief moment in time, I felt hope and the possibility of real change. Michelle McDonald

Year End, annual gallery curated by

WiS editors Julia Coddington and Casey Meshbesher

Women in Street
social media collaborative for female street photographers



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