Gallery by #womeninstreet community, curated by Kristin Van den Eede

Bego Amaré title of the pic is “Vertigo”, in a tribute to Hitchcock movie, and the confinement at home craziness we have these weeks already.
Orna Naor Tel Aviv Israel 8.4.20
Passover night
Lockdown day 25; no families gathering for one of our most important holiday, symbolises freedom.
Hope for better next year
Fabiana Canepa “Blur…another sunrise, another day, confused which day is it? It’s been 14 days and everyday becomes the same day..
Diana Maria soundcloud
Eléonore Simon Valparaíso, April 16, 2020
Lopamudra Talukdar More than a month in lockdown..! Kolkata, 30 April 2020. Experimenting with self-portraits.

Guest curator Kristin Van den Eede

Women in Street
social media collaborative for female street photographers




Street photography blogzine for women photographers, a publication of #womeninstreet

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Casey Meshbesher

Casey Meshbesher

Founder #womeninstreet platform for female Street photographers. https://caseymeshbesher.com/

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