Mirror St.

I enjoy the multi-exposure effect, tasty trompe l’oeil deceptions, perceptions and illusions that having a reflective surface (glass, metal, water, et cetera) in a photographic scene often provides. In 2006, I founded a flickr group called Mirror Views from a Street Mentality.

Happily, over the past few years Mirror St. has been co-curated with the able assistance of Charlotte Reynolds who I have also helped to launch two other flickr groups: (a private egalitarian haven called) Where are all the female street photographers? and a heavily curated pool (by a behind-the-scenes panel) of ‘women street photographers,’ we’d named Double X Street.

Mirror St. now numbers over 600 members and archives more than 5,000 photos that suit our guidelines. We seek unique views, photos that have something special, whether that’s a fresh perspective or setting. The photos that follow (specifically by photographers who also happen to be women) are selected from our reflective pool.

In 2008, Didi S. Gilson was a founder of the experimental collective ZuperQuirk. Although a native New Yorker, since 2001 she has been based from a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

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