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By Sacha Walton, Business Strategist and CEO of SWI Management Group

Mandy Nicholson — Mandy Nicholson Coaching

Hi, I’m Sacha Walton, founder and editor of Biz Her Way. My mission is to celebrate women business owners and entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industries, trailblazing the norm, and impacting change within their communities.

Women are making an impact worldwide in business ownership. Whether they are Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Creatives, or Intrapreneurs as C-suite employees; they are playing by their own rules and creating their narratives.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), “over 13 million women own businesses in the US.” Women are taking their place in society and scaling businesses with ideas, talents, passions, and skillsets while staying focused on legacy building.

My heart desires to see women win and I’m excited about sharing the amazing stories of these phenomenal women.

Let’s lift and applaud all the amazing, talented, inspirational, and diverse women worldwide who are making their voices heard.

Recently, I had a wonderful interview with Mandy Nicholson, founder of Mandy Nicholson Coaching, and The Art Bank Dalbeattie, One of Biz Her Way’s Top 25 Women to Watch in 2024.

Thank you for having this interview with me. I’m excited about sharing your story in our Biz Her Way Series here on

Our readers would love to learn more about you. Please tell us who you are and a little something about yourself.

Hi! I am Mandy, a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author, and Creative Retreat owner in Scotland, and I help creative women launch, grow, and scale their businesses and make more money.

As a Gen X, savvy businesswoman, I have faced the worst things that can happen to anyone and still come out on top. My journey went from abundance to bankruptcy and back again. Along the way, I lost my dad to cancer and my husband during the pandemic, but I found a way to keep my purpose strong and follow my biggest dreams.

I am a mum to two grown-up kids who are both Autistic and 3 fur babies whom I have rescued and welcomed to their forever home. I now live and run my two businesses from my ‘mini-castle’ in Scotland.

“I do everything I love and help other women do the same.” Mandy Nicholson

Now, everyone has a story behind the beginning of their business. What inspired you to start your own business, and how has your journey been so far?

My late husband told me to stop talking about it and just f*@king do it! That was the shove I needed and I built a 6 figure creative business that allows me to do everything I love and help other women do the same. That level of belief in you makes you feel invincible and I do.

I have authored several books, and created journals and planners, like Let Her Rise: Journal and Let Her Rise Year Planner for Creatives.

Let Her Rise: A Year Planner for Creatives

Alongside my coaching business, I offer creative skills retreats and B&B in Scotland. We are changing lives at The Art Bank Dalbeattie, a place where women can unleash their creativity. Knowing they are supported in their journey, they can unlock their true potential. If you are a creative reader of my story, book a retreat with us and experience an all-inclusive stay immersed in an artistic environment and culture.

The Art Bank Dalbeattie, Scottland

What a lovely place! Spotless, bright, sunny, colourful, welcoming and quirky. Scottish hospitality at its best. And oh, I didn’t mention the breakfast.|We have stayed in many top-rated hotels and the breakfast range and quality here at the Art Bank is as good as any of them (if not better in some cases) — Lisa C., TripAdvisor

Tell us about the pivotal moment when you knew your business idea had great potential.

When I hit 6 figures during the pandemic and only 6 months after I launched.

I launched my Creative Mastermind with confidence having curated it with not only my 30+ years of business experience, my own lessons from life and my numerous degree and diploma level academic learnings, but with the love for the woman who was me, afraid to follow her creativity in case she failed. I knew, like I knew, that I could help, and that will always bring success.

Which quotes or affirmations inspire you?

I am strong, I am powerful, I am well and I live a wealthy and abundant life doing what brings me joy. Mandy Nicholson

Mandy Nicholson — Creative Genius Consultant

How are you making an impact with your business or project?

I help creative women shake off the myth of starving artists and build sustainable businesses that they love. The ripple effect of this is strong confident women, making money and positively impacting the economy.

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to start their ventures?

Don’t hold back and follow those who have already done it.

We celebrate women entrepreneurs in our publication. How do you make a difference in the lives of other women entrepreneurs?

I give them the confidence to follow their dreams and think bigger than they believed possible.

How do you balance the demands of entrepreneurship with personal well-being and self-care?

I use my leadership skills to carefully outsource the things I don’t need to do so I can focus on the things I am best at. I only work a 20-hour week and make 6 figures in both businesses.

Provide words of wisdom in 2 -5 sentences for another woman.

You have the power and the choice to change your current situation. Don’t listen to the naysayers and go for your dreams. Look for the evidence that proves you are amazing, unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. Stop focusing on what you can’t do because you can do anything!

Mandy Nicholson — Business Coach

What’s next for you?

Big plans for retirement in 7 years — writing a best seller, curating my art exhibition, and speaking on a big stage

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