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After Another Round Price Increases, Petrol In Bihar Has Reached Rs 100.

After Another round ..! The price of petrol increased after a rise of the international oil prices in Bihar, after fuel prices rose again on Sunday. According to a notification of state-owned retailers of fuel, the price of petrol rose by 35 countries per litre and diesel by 25 countries.

The increase in the number of second days and 31st in under two months led to new rates across the country, with Bihar becoming the latest state to have a mark of 100-per-liter gasoline crossing Rs. Petrol in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru already exceeds Rs 100 among subway cities.

Oil is now Rs 104,56 and diesel is Rs 96,42 in Mumbai. In Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh in Rajasthan and in some places in Odisha the diesel rates, the most frequently used fuel in the country, crossed the mark of 100-per-liter Rs.

The Sunday rise is the 31st increase in prices since 4 May, when state-owned petroleum enterprises ended 18 days of revised oil prices in states such as West Bengal during assembly elections.

In 31 increases, the price of petroleum increased Rs 8,06 per litre and Rs 8,37 per litre of diesel. Oil companies revise daily oil and diesel rates on the basis of the average international benchmark prices and foreign exchange rates in the previous 15 days.

Over recent weeks, international oil prices have increased with optimism for a rapid fuel recovery. The first time since April 2019, Brent Crude rose above USD 75 per barrel mark.



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