Deepika Padukone Wishes Husband Ranveer Singh…!!

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2 min readJul 10, 2021


Deepika Padukone, who continues to delight her fans with unique posts, has shared a hilarious video in honour of her husband Ranveer Singh’s birthday. DeepVeer can be seen having fun in the video.

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Deepika looks stunning in her pastel green athleisure, while Ranveer wears all-white. She posted the video to her Instagram account and wished her “favourite person.” On 3 July, a joint statement was issued by Aamir and Kiran announcing their separation.

The couple said in their long statement that their son Azad will keep raising and nurturing. The couple finished 15 years of marriage and said: “We have shared a life of experience, joy and laughter in these 15 beautiful years, and our relationship has grown only in trust, respect and love.

Now we wish, as husband and wife and as parents and families for each other, to open up the new chapter in our lives.

Some time ago we started a plan separation and now feel comfortable formalising this arrangement, living apart, but sharing the way an extended family does.

We live separately. Our parents remain dedicated to our son Azad, whom we will nourish and raise together. As film collaborators, Paani Foundation and other project we are passionate about, we will also continue to work.

Thank you so much for the continued support and understanding our families and friends for this development and without whom we would not have been so confident in taking that leap.

In turn, Deepika has taken a day off today to celebrate the birthday of Ranveer who was busy shooting at ‘Pathan.’

A source reported to the company: “Deepika started to shoot the film on 1 July and asked the manufacturing company to give it off on 6 July — well beforehand.”