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Effective Ant-Removal Methods That Do Not Require The Use Of Harsh Chemicals

Effective ways…! Ants are the main problem in the house and are often difficult to remove. They are mostly near sweets and also sometimes near savoury products in any corner of your residence.

This simple trick will keep ants away from your food - Clark Howard

Some ants can make their dick pain and children can get bothered. Amexes should therefore be removed to maintain your home’s basic level of hygiene. But to remove them you don’t have to use tough chemicals. There are therefore some simple home remedies here.

Home remedies for the removal of ants:

Glass cleaner and liquid detergent: In a spray bottle, combine the glass cleaner and liquid spray in the area where ants have been shown. This is quite an efficient way to remove the fourmis when it washes the pheromone path ants away while walking.

Hand soap: Also you can mix normal hand soap and water to remove the pheromone, and spray it on the trail. You cannot communicate with each other without the pheromone trail.

Pepper: pepper’s smell is very irritating. So, in certain areas where ants may be seen, you can sprinkle certain black peppers. This is a perfectly safe and effective remedy.

Tea tree oil: Mix between five to ten drops of tea tree oil and water to remove ants. You can also put cotton balls into tea tree oil and keep them at various corners of your dwelling place. But ensure that you keep them away, particularly from cats, from your pets.

White Vinegar: Wipe the place off with the vinegar and water mix to remove them if you see ants anywhere in your house.

Hot water: you can just pour hot water into the ant holes to kill the ants. And make sure that you see every place in your house as many of them may be.



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