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IAF Will Buy Ten Anti-Drone Systems For Border Deployment

The force has decided to procure 10 anti-drone systems in order to stop such attacks in the borders of Jammu following the drone-assault at the Jammu Air Force (IAF) station.

The force has flowed into the Indian Counter Unarmed Aircraft System (CUAS) Informational Request (RFI) that can be fitted with energy weapons directed at lasers to kill rogue drones.

The Jammu Air Force Station was attacked by drones on 27 June, with two unmanned aircrafts dropping bombs. It was taken up by the National Investigative Agency.

“The aim of CUAS is to detect, track, identify, identify and neutralise hostile UAS,” the RFI stated. As a kill option, Laser Directed Energy Weapon (Laser-DEW) is primarily necessary.”

The system was stated as a soft kill option and as the harsh kill option laser-driven direct-energy wapon (Laser-DEW) would be fitted with a globally-built satellite jammer (GNSS) and radio frequency jammers.”

It should provide a multi-sensor, multi-kill solution that effectively enforce no fly zones for unmanned aircraft and minimise collateral damage to the environment.

The air situation picture should be composed for the operator and alerts should be generated based on user-defined parameters.”

In mobile configurations mounted on Indigenous vehicles with cross-country capability and powered by the Electricity Power (EPS) system, the Air force indicated that these anti-drone systems were required.

The anti-drown system should include the dismantling of all sub-systems, including integral power from the vehicle and the installation on the top/open roof.

“The whole system should be transportable by road and air. The design should include modularity for fast deployment and removal,” he said. The RFI states that a mini-unmanned aircraft system must be covered by a 360° coverage with a range of 5 km.



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