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Maharashtra People Are Concerned About Gas Leaks And Breathing Problems

Maharashtra poeple panic among local people was caused by a gas leak at a chemical factory in Maharashtra’s Badlapur late last night.

After the gas leak at Nobel Intermediates Pvt Ltd in Shirgaon MIDC, several people complained of breathlessness and a burning sensation in their eyes over a three-kilometer area.

The incident was reported by Thane Municipal Corporation to have taken place at 10:22 on Thursday, adding that the situation was controlled within an hour. “On Thursday at around 10:22 p.m. a gas leak from a Maharashtra plant in Badlapur had been reported.

People in the area had breathing difficulties. The leak ceased at 11:24 pm by the fire brigade. The situation is being monitored.

Nobody wounded,” Thane Municipal Corporation was quoted by news agency ANI as saying. According to the company, overheating caused a chemical reaction, which resulted in the gas leak.

A few people were admitted to nearby hospitals as a precaution and then released after receiving medical attention. “I was working in a nearby factory with my other coworkers.

We began to have breathing difficulties all of a sudden. We later learned that a gas leak had occurred in a nearby factory “ANI quoted a man as saying.

People were seen fleeing for their lives, but the situation was quickly brought under control after officials from the administration, police, and fire department reassured the public



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