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Nainital High Court Is Seeking Uttarakhand Government’s Response To Tourist Crowds

The Nainital High Court on Wednesday ordered the Government of Uttarakhand to present its reply before the courts on the crowds of tourists in the region days after Mussorie and Nainital experienced a huge influx of tourists.

The order of the Court came just days after its unlocking process and easing Covid-19 restrictions began by the Uttarakhand government. While the advance towards release relieved local residents, it also attracted many tourists to Nainital and Mussoorie hill towns.

Even with the fear of the possible third wave of the pandemic, there was a massive increase in footfall. Earlier this Tuesday, the government issued a stern warning at the Center and said that if protocols are not met the authorities can again overcome the ease of restriction.

DG Dr. Balram Bhargava said during a press briefing by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR), that “pictures of the hill stations are scary. People must follow suitable COVID conduct.”

In an attempt to quash his case, Choksi pleaded in high court that the decision to charge him for unlawful entry was in breach of law and thus invalid, according to Caribbean press release Nature Isle News. Caribbean press reports.

He was an Antigua and Barbuda citizen, Choksi said, challenging a move to extradite him. In the meantime, Joint Secretary of Health Lav Agarwal said: ‘There is no COVID behaviour amongst travellers to hill stations.

Unless protocols have been complied with, we can cancel the ease again with restrictions.”

The government also took a precautionary notice for tourists to Twitter earlier yesterday.. Fearing the imminent third wave of Covid, the government urged people to guarantee social distancing rules and asked them to stay in the pandemic.



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