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Pearl V Puri Finally Speaks Out About Minor Rape Allegations

The current bail-out for the alleged case of rape and molestor of a minor case, Actor Pearl V Puri, finally broke his silence on the ongoing dispute.

Actor Pearl V Puri finally BREAKS SILENCE on being accused of molestation  by a minor | Bollywood Bubble

He revealed that he had lost a few months ago his mother’s grandmother, then he had lost his father and his mother now is being treated for cancer. He is accused of this “fierce accusation” in all struggles.

He shared a long post with Instagram and said, “Life has a way to test people in its own way! Some months ago, I lost my nani maa, then I lost my father on her 17 day.

Please let my mother have a cancer diagnosis and then this terrible charge. I was gruelling like a nightmare over the last few weeks. I was, I felt like a criminal overnight.

It broke my sense of security in the midst of my mother’s cancer and made me feel helpless. I am still numb… But I felt it was time to reach my friends, fans and friends of mine who showered me their love, their help, and their concern.

Thank you for keeping my faith, and I’m a strong #Satyamevjatate believer. I trust my country and God up there in the law, the judicial system. Hold your dua’s here, please.”

Friends of Pearl reacted to his post and supported him. “Pearl, we all know what the reality is and how these shameless people turn you into a scapegoat in their personal matters… Divya Khosla Kumar commented… Reall “We are with you always Pearl, Ridhima Tiwari wrote! Don’t ever feel you’re alone, we’re with you here!! Keep up !! Oh, God always bless you.”

The victim’s family had complained about the presumable molestation Puri rape of the girl about two years ago, according to the Valiv Police Case, which presented the case.

He was booked under the Indian Penal Code Sections 376 AB and the Penal Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act, 2012.

He was punished under Indian Penal Code Sections 4, 8, 12, 19 and 21. The alleged incident took place in the film series of Vasai, where the shootings were made by Pearl in October 2019, according to Sanjaykumar Patil of the DCP, Mira Bhayander Vasai Virar (MBVV).

The victim and her mother were on the stage of the film, which is also a television actor. After the child complained of abdominal pain, the mum learned about the incident.

His dad, working with Puri, brought a complaint at the police station in Versova. After the investigation, the case was transferred to the Waliv police and it was established that Puri played a part in the incident.

He was then summoned on Friday and arrested in Waliv Police Station.



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