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Solicitor General Responds To BJP’s Suvendu’s Inappropriate Visit

Solicitor….! Today, Mamata Baneryee’s party urged Modi, in his alleged meeting with Suvendu Adhikari, the CBI’s leader of the ruling BJP, to take Tushar Mehta as Solicitor General of India.

Suvendu Adhikari Archives - India Ahead

Tushar Mehta, who in some cases represents CBI, strongly refused to meet Mr. Adhikari and said that on Thurs day he “dropped in unannounced.”

In a letter to P.M. Modi, the MPs of the Trinamool Congress, in their meeting with Mr Adhikari, the opposition leader of Bengal, alleged the “conflict of interest” and said that they “were to be deleted immediately” as the top lawyer of the central administration.

In various criminal cases investigated by the CBI, which is represented in many of the cases by the Solicitor General, Mr Adhikari said the Trinamool.

Mr Mehta meeting of such a person, as he puts out the letter signed by three Members, Derek O’Brien, Sukhendu Sakhar Roy, and Mahua Moitra, raises “some serious concerns regarding the integrity of the post.”

According to the letter, the meeting was intended to influence the result of the cases and the act “tribe of incorrectness” of the Solicitor General raising questions of integrity and defects his office.

In response, Mr Mehta said that Mr Adhikari had no question about him. “Yesterday at about 15:00, Suvendu Adhikari came to my office, unannounced.

Since I was in my room at a preprogrammed meeting, my staff asked him to sit in the waiting room of my office, offering him a cup of tea, “He said Mr Mehta.

“I requested him to communicate my incapacity to him when my (personal secretary) informed me of his arrival, and I was apologising, since he must wait, to Mr. Adhikari.

Mr. Adhikari thanked my PPS, leaving me without insisting. Therefore, there was no question about my meeting with Mr Adhikari.”

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Winks are not like smuggling as you would see “There is a direct conflict of interest between a meeting between a serious offender and his learned Solicitor General who advises such investigatory agencies under investigation,” Trinamool said to the PM.



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