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Suhana Khan Transforms Into ‘Cat Lady’ In Her Latest Selfie

Suhana Khan expressed her love for cats, where she is snapped posing with her pet. The social media coverage was shared by a selfie on Sunday night of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana, who loves a huge fan.

Suhana carried a beige top and pants, with a striking blue cap, for a casual click. While she claims to be the latest ‘cat-lady’ in the city, Suhana is somewhat fond of another cat-mother, Alia Bhatt, who liked the post.

Alia Chhiba also loved her and said: “You are the only cool cat lady.” Suhana’s cousin Alia. Suhana is currently studying at New York University, eager to follow her father’s footsteps in movies.

She finished her degree at Ardingly College in England in 2019 and went to NYC to study film. Suhana faced the camera already for a short movie and appeared in a few plays.

In a film called ‘The Grey Part of Blue,’ Suhana Khna has been playing in an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Instagram was made public last year by Suhana Khan.

In September, she shared a strong post on colourism and sent a number of hate messages to social media. “I was told I was ugly, by full-grown men and women, because of my tone of skin since I was twelve.

Besides being real adults, it’s sad that we are all Indians, that we are automatically brown — yes, in different shades, but no matter how much you are trying to distance yourself from the melanin, you can’t.

Having your own people means you’re sorry for insecurity. I’m sorry if you were convinced by social media, Indian matches or even your own families that there’s no 5 “You’re not gorgeous, 7 and fair.

I hope it’s helping to know I’m five “3 and brown and I’m so glad you ought to be too.



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