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The Most Expensive City In The World Has Been Identified

Ashgabat has been designated the most expensive city for foreign workers in the world, the capital of Turkmenistan in Central Asia. The city was the top of the list by the consultancy firm Mercer in a 2021 cost-of-living survey.

Hong Kong was second, followed in Lebanon by Beirut and in Japan by Tokyo, reports BBC. Ashgabat’s marble buildings and monuments are well known. It also houses one of the Tolkuchka Bazaar, one of Central Asia’s most colourful bazaars.

The National Museums, White Marble, Turkmen-Bashi Tower, Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre, Turkmen Carpet Museum, to name a few, are also attractions.

Other tourist attractions are the National Museum. “High local inflation” led Ashgabat to take first position, according to Jean-Philippe Sarra of Mercer, news agency AFP reported.

In terms of costs, such as housing, food and transport, the annual report covers 209 cities. The majority of cities in the top 10 have contributed to an increase in the cost of living in economic growth. Three are Swiss towns, Zurich fell to fifth and Shanghai and Singapore followed. The 18th place was London.



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