Kicking off the butterfly effect: The Herdius Ambassador Program

Become a Herdius Ambassador

Introducing a community-focused incentive scheme

Dec 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Today, we are announcing a new initiative which is designed to help us spreading the word: the Herdius Ambassador program.

The current ICO marketing landscape is full of scams, shady practices and multi-level marketing schemes dressed up as bounty programs. We, the Herdius team, find such schemes dubious. Hence, we decided right from the start of the project that we wouldn’t implement any marketing programs that would incentivize people to spam. After all, Herdius is a community-tailored project. Annoying your community, thus, makes little sense.

However, it is not a secret that attention, today, is driven by influential voices. And those who own such a voice, have spent significant time and effort on building it. We believe that the best way to get the word out about our project is through organic community building that involves sensible outreach. That is why, today, we announce the Herdius Ambassador Program.

What is a Herdius Ambassador?

Herdius Ambassadors are trusted voices in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community who want to help us to spread the word about Herdius. All of our ambassadors will be hand-picked by us. We look at our ambassadors as a direct extension of the Herdius team. We want to work with them, involve them and have fun while doing it.

Who qualifies as a Herdius Ambassador?

To become a Herdius Ambassador, you need to be active in the blockchain community and have a significant following on your blog, social media accounts or other platforms you are active on. As a rough benchmark, you should have an audience of at least 1,000 (real people, not bots). Also, we are looking for people who’s content and community contributions stick out thanks to their quality.

What does a Herdius Ambassador do?

Herdius Ambassadors will be sharing all Herdius content (blog posts, videos, etc.) with their audience and create one organic piece of Herdius-related content per week. Other than that, we are not looking for a specific quota of posts. After all, we don’t want Ambassadors to be regarded as spammers. Instead, we’ll try to excite them about Herdius, so they’ll want to contribute more.

What is the reward?

As it is only just to reward people if they use their trusted voices to support our cause, Herdius Ambassadors will receive HER tokens as compensation. The compensation is based on an Ambassador’s reach. The basic formula is 0.075 HER/contact (e.g. follower, subscriber etc.). We will also be giving away additional rewards for the most valuable content every week.

Are you interested in becoming a Herdius Ambassador?

Disclaimer: Herdius is a project by the Berlin, Germany-based Herdius GmbH. Balazs Deme is the CEO of Herdius GmbH. Herdius will start its initial coin offering (“ICO”) in Q1, 2018. All relevant information regarding Herdius and the initial coin offering can be accessed at


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