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Leaders don’t do leadership programmes

How vulnerability helped Year Here flip Fellowship conventions

Formal Training: important, yes, but ultimately not at the heart of any truly transformative learning experience.

There is no growth without the prospect of failure.

During the programme, our Fellows take part in over 400 hours of social innovation training. While this is important, Year Here is ultimately not about the training per se. The word training makes us think of knowledge acquisition and skill development, rather than the development of a bold leadership style — with a vision for how to improve the world, an ability to inspire others, and a tenaciousness that means you bring your ideas to fruition.

An example of a Year Here innovation project: training up repairs contractors to spot the signs of vulnerability among older housing association tenants. (Sneh Jani, 2015/16 Fellow)

No one has the answers.

When it comes to changing the world, there are no inviolable facts. Society is constantly changing so why should our responses to social issues remain static and unquestioned?

A Year Here GradFest graduation event featuring projects, ventures and stories from the frontline – but no accredited qualifications.

It’s the portfolio, not the piece of paper.

It’s not just our curriculum or our pedagogy that’s different. We are a postgraduate course but we don’t have professors, a campus or a tuition fee. We’re not even accredited. We are institutionally vulnerable. “Er, how is it a course if you’re not a university?”, “what kind of qualification do Fellows get at the end” we are asked ad nauseam.

An improv session, led by our alumna Liv Dowd, during Year Here’s WildCamp retreat

Everybody’s winging it all the time.

A 2014 Guardian piece beautifully unpacks the cognitive dissonance that emerges when powerful institutions and individuals — from the New York Times to Ed Miliband — show their flaws:



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Jack Graham

Social Innovation Consultant in Brooklyn. CEO + Founder of Year Here.