Trek and Gold

ep 23 of the German podcast “Dreck & Gold”

After what feels like an eternity serial Star Trek is back on our television sets, projection screens, computers and/or mobile devices.

© 2017 Adrian vom Baur

My colleague Adrian vom Baur invited me yet again to his Podcast “Dreck & Gold” to talk about what we perceive as the prologue to, rather than the pilot to the new Star Trek series.

If German is one of the languages in your repertoire, you can spend a good 90 minutes with us recalling our first memories of the Trek of our generation and enjoy a scene-by-scene recap of “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars”.

The Gist

I’m looking forward to accepting change in the Star Trek serial universe. We don’t have enough information about the series to make general assumptions. The pilot is more of a prologue — and will apparently be connected to prequel books and comics.
What seems like a vast gap to bridge today, will be part of the overall evolution of a beloved franchise. Of course I am talking about the redesign and renewal of the exoskeletally clad war race — the Klingons.
What seems like a drastic change to some, to me looks like a logical evolution or rather devolution of the Klingons we’ve grown so accustomed to in the 1990s.

Comparisons to “The Orville” will be a constant companion of the new crew and the course they have been set upon. There is much so say about that particular parallel universe…

My fix list

1 — scrap most of the expository dialogue

2 — Take those mouth pieces out of those poor actors trapped in the Klingon suits and enable them to speak more clearly. (Or at least ADR the whole thing.)

3 — rearrange the cut
The way we get to know the woman named Michael is fragmented in a way that is supposed to mystify her character, but confuses us in understanding her and get attached. 
The backstory of her childhood tragedy falls flat and could have been staged more dramatically. The way it is built up, Michael’s turmoil does not connect with the scenery and thus inhibits emotional impact.

I’m looking forward to a clearer-cut episode 3, where what we have learnt so far, will eventually add up to an emotional investment in the character of Michael Burnham.

How do you like the “new Trek”?