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Copyright 2018 Tom Halsted


The colors on this palette

could be composing

adagio streams while

raising forests of peeling birch

or rendering light that

drapes the settings

of a cozy breakfast nook.

Unused, they are hardening

into confused posturings.

Somewhere near, I’m told,

is she who can give

a gentle massage of linseed

joining brush with paint

into scenic poses

for mingled spirits to enter.

Some short way from the studio

there is buzzing around

a hive unharvested.

Copious stores for the brood

and a share for a Keeper

are dripping sweetness

into a pool

of sentimental longings.

And she sometimes wears

a wide-brimmed hat

with a fine veil covering

her tending features

as she collects what was made for her

what has waited for her.