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7 min readFeb 17, 2024


Community update for February 2024.

The MAVIA Token Launch

On February 6th, the $MAVIA token was officially launched! We are excited to have had such a successful launch with the support of our community and backers who made this all possible.

The token officially went live on ByBit, KuCoin, HTX, MEXC, Crypto.com and Gate.io.

Mavia Token Emissions

The $MAVIA tokenomics is structured to have a longer vesting and slower emission rate compared to most projects. The initial float started at 12% circulating supply, with future unlocks occurring once every 90 days.

To view the full $MAVIA emission schedule, visit https://www.mavia.com/mavia-token

The next token unlock will be in May 2024 and will be roughly 3% of supply, with the vast majority of this unlock belonging to the ecosystem and gameplay rewards category (the DAO can hold a vote deciding the use of these tokens).

Team and advisors allocations have a 6 month cliff, and pre-sale allocations receive less than 1% of supply every 90 days.

All locked tokens which are non-circulating remain in the “Mavia Vault”, a multi-sig wallet which only releases tokens based on the emission schedule.

All tokens inside of the “Heroes of Mavia: Vault” address are not circulating. These tokens are released according to the emission schedule.

DAO Governance

A Snapshot.org voting portal is being set up to allow delegates to create proposals and vote on matters related to the ecosystem. Once this portal is live in the coming days, an announcement will be made on our social channels.

The DAO will govern many important decisions related to the MAVIA ecosystem, such as uses for the Community & Ecosystem tokens and gameplay rewards, in addition to other gameplay mechanics and more.

The $MAVIA token airdrop program was a massive success. Our airdrop program resulted in pushing awareness of Heroes of Mavia to players throughout the world, and also gaining distribution of our core governance token to over 50,000 on-chain holders!

The Mavia Pioneer Program Airdrop comprised of a total of 2.5% of the $MAVIA supply (6,250,000 MAVIA). At the time of writing this article, this amounts to over $50,000,000 in value airdropped to the community, one of the largest in Web3 gaming history!

The airdrop program created such rapid awareness and activity, that at one point, the Mavia token and Mavia airdrop contracts were the #2 and #4 most active smart contracts on the Ethereum network — wow!

$MAVIA token contract and Mavia airdrop contract were the #2 and #4 most active smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet on February 7th.

We saw the airdrop claim volume contain several spikes, with the largest occurring immediately after launch, followed by several periods of rapid claiming within the following days.

After the airdrop program completed, we saw our holder count reach 53,396. Additionally, our total on-chain transfer count reached almost 250,000. This is remarkable given that these numbers were reached in just 1 week after launch.

Within 1 week from launch, $MAVIA token saw 53,000+ holders and almost 250,000 total transfers.

With the launch of the Heroes of Mavia game came an explosive growth in players and downloads.

Our Daily Active User count has increasingly grown since the launch of the game, reaching levels even higher than during the initial airdrop period.

As of now we are seeing a total DAU count of over 278,000 players!

As of February 16th, Mavia has reached 53,000 DAU on iOS devices and 225,000 DAU on Android devices, for a combined DAU of 278,000 DAU.

Our user acquisition campaigns have been extremely effective, helping the playerbase to grow substantially.

Our advertising creatives have reached over 730,000 impressions across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Heroes of Mavia has also reached over 1.6 Million downloads!

Apple iOS users have shown to be the most sticky, with strong Day 1 and Day 7 retention. The largest factor has shown to be the acquisition source and regions. USA users have shown to be the highest retention and also the lowest crash rate.

Heroes of Mavia’s retention metrics and conversion rates are extremely competitve for Strategy Games on the App Store.

Perhaps the most exciting statistic is to see Mavia climbing on the global rankings on Android and Apple app stores.

Mavia reached #1 Top Ranking in 14 countries for Strategy Games, and also reached Top 5 ranking in 54 countries. Top 10 and Top 100 rankings were reached in over 150 regions globally!

Heroes of Mavia reached #1 Top Chart ranking in 14 countries, and Top 5 ranking in 54 Countries. Source: Data.ai

As for our socials, Mavia’s Twitter follower count grew from 200,000 followers to 309,000 followers between the days before launch to now, and our Discord community has also grown by tens of thousands of members.

It’s time for another season of Land NFT Soft-Staking!

For those who are unaware, Mavia has a unique staking program called “Soft-Staking” which allows Land NFT holders to earn passive rewards by holding land. The staking is valid as long as the lands are not transferred or sold from your wallet or whitelisted wallet, although no gas is required to stake (hence the word “soft”).

Note: Soft-staking rewards are an additional added bonus to holding land. The primary benefit of Land NFTs is their in-game utility and ability to earn boosted Ruby amounts, among other in-game utilities such as exclusive tournaments for $MAVIA and improved cosmetic land appearance.

Season 5 soft-staking will reward stakers an NFT airdrop to their wallets of Legendary items which can be used inside the game, or traded in the Ruby Marketplace and/or Web NFT marketplace for ETH/MAVIA.

Soft-Staking Start Date: March 2, 2024

Soft-Staking End Date: June 2, 2024

Common Land Reward = Free “Time Statue” NFT

Rare Land Reward = Free “Time Statue” NFT + Rare Surprise NFT Bonus

Legendary Land Reward = Free “Time Statue” NFT + Rare Secret Gift + Legendary Surprise NFT Bonus

The NFT rewards will be claimable once the soft-staking has ended.

The Season 5 staking portal will go live on March 2nd, 2024. Get ready!

Even though the game has launched, the fun is just getting started!

We have a jam-packed roadmap ahead of us. Below you can see five of the next major milestones for the Mavia game and ecosystem.

1: Announcing Mavia’s Layer 2 Integration (End of February)

The announcement of our Layer 2 choice will be a fundamental milestone for Mavia.

This Layer 2 will power the entire on-chain economy inside of the Mavia game. It is essential that this Layer 2 has the infrastructure established to be able to support millions of transactions in-game, while maintaining a low gas cost and low friction to allow Web2 players to onboard to Web3.

All Mavia Ruby Marketplace transactions will occur on-chain on this Layer 2. The announcement of our choice for this L2 will be made late February. We will be using an existing L2, not an internally developed one.

2: Launch of the Ruby Marketplace (Est. Late March-Early April)

The Ruby Marketplace is the cornerstone to Mavia’s “Mass Ownership” model, and is the key to converting Web2 players into Web3 enthusiasts.

The Ruby Marketplace requires our Layer 2 partners integration, after which we can test and release this feature for all of our players.

Almost all of the Ruby Marketplace functionality is already completed, and is pending integration from the L2 before release.

3: $MAVIA Holder In-Game Bonuses (Q2 2024)

Holders of $MAVIA token will receive additional bonuses inside of the game. More information on bonuses to be announced.

4: Alliance Wars (Q2 2024)

Let the Alliance Wars begin! Soon Alliances will be able to compete for Gold, Oil and RUBY in epic battles.

Guilds can also compete with each other to earn Ruby and on-chain items!

5: In-Game Ruby & Mavia Tournaments (Q2 2024)

Earn RUBY and $MAVIA in tournaments inside the game. Teams and individuals will be able to compete for their share of the pool prizes, everyone is invited!

Ongoing: Game Enhancements, New Characters, Bug Fixing, Land Renting and Guild Management

Alongside these exciting milestones, we will be continuing to improve the game, add new characters, fix bugs and integrate Land NFTs into the ecosystem. These improvement will occur in parallel to the new features and milestones.


Heroes of Mavia is a mobile free-to-play Web3 MMO Strategy game developed by Skrice Studios.

The game takes place in a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, where players build bases on plots of land and battle neighboring bases and armies to earn in-game resources, such as Gold, Oil and Ruby. Players must strategically place defensive buildings on their base such as walls, turrets and traps, in order to defend against opportunistic attackers looking to steal resources.

Resources can also be stolen from rival bases through attacking opponents with land troops, vehicle and air units. Ruby is earned through battling enemy armies, and can be used to upgrade Land, Statue and Hero NFTs.

For more information, follow the links below:
Homepage | Twitter | Discord | CoinMarketCap