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Heroes of Mavia: Land Settler Program (Tropical Land Whitelist)

(APPLICATIONS HAVE NOT STARTED YET — They will begin on January 6th, 2022)

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The Mavia Island has just been discovered, and opportunity awaits for all new land settlers who claim their piece of it!

Our team is pleased to announce our first Land Settler Program, which will begin on January 6th and last until January 20th.

The Land Settler Program is a modified whitelisting process that promotes quality content and engagement from our community, rather than low-quality tasks, quizzes and shilling.

All Land Settlers will compete for Mavia Land NFT whitelist positions in order to become one of the first settlers on the Land of Mavia. We’re looking for Heroes of Mavia enthusiasts who are truly passionate and dedicated to the future of the Mavia game, platform and community.

Whitelist Winners will be announced on January 23rd via email.

This blog post will go over the application process, the different pools you can enter and our judging criteria.

Before we dive in let’s cover the basics:

Mavia Land/Bases Breakdown:

  • Common Tropical Land: 0.3 ETH / 70% of land supply
  • Rare Tropical Land: 0.6 ETH / 20% of land supply
  • Legendary Tropical Land 0.9 ETH / 10% of land supply

Total Whitelist spots: 2,000 Lands

Land Settler Application Process

The Mavia team has decided to leverage the incredible talent, passion and resources of our existing community to create quality content and awareness that will help us grow organically.

We chose this approach as an alternative to the traditional whitelisting process where applicants simply invite(or spam) their friends on discord or complete menial tasks that don’t make a big impact on the long-term health of the project.

We also know that all of our community members are unique, and have different talents and values they can bring to Mavia.

This is why we have decided to divide our whitelist into four different categories called “Pools”.

There are 4 different pools to choose from which include “Art/Meme Creation”, “Content Creation”, “Community Engagement” and “Influencers”.

Each pool has its own requirements to enter and its own allocation of whitelist spots.

A Few Notes:

  • Quality first. We value submissions that are high-quality and have a lot of thought put into them.
  • You can enter as many pools as you like. You are NOT limited to one pool.
  • Your performance in one pool will NOT affect your performance in other pools. One quality submission in a single pool is better than two lower-quality submissions in 2 pools.

There will be a unique google form for each pool. In order to submit an application, you must log in with a Gmail Account.

You are only allowed to submit one response on Google forms for each Pool. However, you can edit your response as many times as you wish before the end date of the Whitelist.

Feel free to add more content to your original submission as frequently as you’d like.

The Four Pools:

Art/Memes (300 Whitelist Spots Available)

We are looking for skilled artists across ALL mediums which include:

  • Artwork
  • High-quality memes
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • New character/skin/statue designs are welcome
  • Base decoration concepts welcome
  • Any form of art is allowed (be creative!)

The content of the Art/Memes must be related to Mavia and the game/token/community.

As a side note, our art team is always looking for talented artists to join the Mavia team! If you are interested in joining, please submit your artwork and in the google form mention “I am interested in also working with the Mavia team as an artist”.

Content (900 Whitelist Spots Available)

Content is king and we believe it is one of the most important methods for organic growth. We want you to help us grow our community with original content made about Mavia.

This content should be high-quality and not simple shilling or spam.

Content Requirements:

We are very open to the different platforms on which you can create content on. No one single platform is more prioritized by us than another, it is all about the quality of content to us.

You will need to copy the URL link for each piece of content you create and paste it into your Google Form submission.

There is no limit to the amount of content you are able to create, however more content is not necessarily better, and high-quality content is always preferred.

Content platforms allowed include:

  • TikTok
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Twitter Threads
  • Podcasts
  • Instagram stories
  • Reddit posts
  • Medium Posts
  • Twitch streaming
  • Other forms of submission welcome

Community (700 Whitelist Spots Available)

It’s critical for us to recognize and celebrate the efforts of our loyal community. We place a premium on quality rather than numbers.

We are not keeping track of discord invitations, and we welcome and appreciate the participation of our existing community. Spam will not be allowed or tolerated.

  • High engagement in all channels
  • Helping users answer questions
  • Engaging on Twitter
  • Engaging on Facebook/Instagram
  • YouTube comments and following

Influencers (100 Whitelist Spots Available)

Influencers are not required to create any content upfront. We are looking for long-term partnerships with influencers who are fully committed to Heroes of Mavia.

Influencers who apply that are chosen will be asked to make content about Mavia and spread awareness about the game and ecosystem over the long term.

We are not looking for basic social media promotion, we want influencers who really care about our game and community, and who will help us grow the player base and game reach.

Note: All influencers must message us directly after your submission in order to confirm their identity.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Esports
  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Other platforms welcome also.

Judging Criteria

We don’t want to influence the type of content you create. You have complete freedom to enter any of our pools. Our goal is to encourage genuine organic creation so we will not be sharing our judging criteria.

Do your best to make your submission unique, memorable, and stand out from the crowd.

FAQ: Frequently Answered Questions

Can I partake in more than one pool?

Yes, you can submit entries into one pool, or all four pools. However, we want to encourage you to focus on delivering quality rather than quantity. Partaking in more than one pool does not increase your chances of being selected, and we judge you independently in each pool, without considering your work in other pools.

How many land whitelist slots are available?

Only 2,000 whitelist slots are available to be shared between the four pools, and they are divided unevenly between the four pools. Each pool has a certain amount of whitelist slots you are competing for, the largest of which is the content pool, and the smallest is the influencer pool.

Can I edit my submission, or add more to it after I have submitted it?

Yes, each submission uses a Google Form which is able to be edited/added to up until the ending date of the whitelist competition. As long as the whitelist entries have not yet closed, you will be able to submit new entries or edit your past entries. Only one entry is permitted per pool.

What are the prices of land?

Common land is 0.3 ETH, Rare land is 0.6 ETH, and Legendary land is 0.9 ETH.

How will I know if I am selected to be a land settler?

We will be announcing the selected land settlers (whitelist winners) on January 23, 2022. Please stay tuned on our Discord, and check your email as well for updates.

Why is the land called tropical?

The Tropical region of Mavia is the first type we are offering to the public. There will be other biomes and regions in the future, but Tropical is the first available to mint.

What do you get with a whitelist spot?

You will be asked what your preferred land type is — Common, Rare or Legendary. The type of land you request does not guarantee that you will receive this type, the amounts for Rare and Legendary are extremely limited.

When you get a whitelist position, this means that you will have the ability to purchase this land on “Mint Day”. Your wallet address will be submitted to us along with your Google Form submission for the pool, and if you are selected, we will whitelist this address for Minting on the Land Type you have been assigned, and you will be able to mint your land for the corresponding price.

Depending on the quality of your submission, you may be allocated more than 1 land plot. Also, if you enter two different pools and win a whitelist position for both, then you can receive multiple land plots like this as well.




Build your army || Conquer opponents || Earn RUBY

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