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Mavia Announcement — Whitelist, Community Updates

Important Community Update from the Mavia Dev Team:

Hello Mavians!

First off, we would like to congratulate everyone here! The past week has been Mavia’s biggest ever. We grew to over 50k Discord members, and also hit 50k Twitter followers in the same 48 hours!

We have also received an impressive (and unanticipated) increase in whitelist applications, which is very exciting to see. Our growth has been faster than we ever would have expected, and the results from our novel Whitelist experiment proved it to be a massive success!

We have had thousands of meme submissions, art piece creations and content made about Mavia, which further contributed to our exposure across the both crypto and gaming communities alike.

We were also happy to see our 2nd free gift was warmly accepted by our community and new members, helping to over double our Discord and Twitter community size within 2 days.

For all of our new members, we want you to know that this development team always puts community first. Since our first day of community launch, we have refused to participate in any paid promotion or typical crypto shilling, as we believe that organic growth is the core of any successful long-term project, especially a game the size of Mavia.

Another thing our team will always strive for is full transparency to our community. We try to go above-and-beyond when speaking with our Mavians, whether that is sharing frequent updates, sneak peeks, AMAs or simply popping into voice chat unexpectedly.

The team has assessed the current pace of whitelist submissions, our timelines and the strategy for the public sale, and other development timing factors as well. We have decided to make several changes that will ultimately be more inclusive to our community, as well as reward out early community members more fairly, in addition to making the land mint a smoother process.

Change #1: Making +1,000 additional Land NFTs available in whitelist

We would like to add an additional 1000 Land plots to the whitelist pools, spread across all 4 whitelist pools in the same proportions they were last time. This results in an additional 450 whitelists for “Content Creator”, an additional 350 whitelists for “Community Engagement”, an additional 150 whitelists for “Arts and Memes”, as well as an additional 50 whitelists for “KOLs and Influencers”. This will increase the amount of land in the whitelist by 50%, which can allow us to give more land to our hard working, talented and loyal community members!

The split will be 70% common, 20% rare and 10% legendary land, just as before.

This would make the total number of whitelists at 3k, and public sale will still be at 1k, making a total of 4k land NFTs available.

As before, the whitelist minting will still take place exclusively on the Mavia website.

Change #2: Three Batches of Whitelist Announcements/Address Reveals

Since our community has grown so quickly, we are receiving submissions for whitelist material at an increasingly rapid pace. We feel we should show some seniority to our early members (as we have before with free gifts). For this reason, we will release 3 batches of whitelist results.

Batch #1: 1,000 Whitelists Announced on January 23, 2022

Batch #2: 1,000 Whitelists Announced on January 30, 2022

Batch #3: 1,000 Whitelists Announced on February 6, 2022

Each of these batches will announce 1,000 wallets which have been accepted into the whitelist. The whitelist date will not be the same as the mint date, it will only be the announcement of the whitelist.

The first batch will be primarily focused on our early submissions, and the second and third will move down the list of submissions from more recent members. This way we can separate the submissions by their earliness into the project, but also allowing new members to have their own dedicated batch.

Change #3: Mint day moved to Mid-Feb

The mint date will be moved to mid-February. This was recommended to us by our tech team, as the “Vietnam New Year Break” will be arriving on January 28 for many of our developers who are involved on the NFT Minting. Some of the team will be gone and will not be able to assist in the case of small bugs or issues during the public mint. So to make sure the mint is smooth with full support from our dev team, we will mint both Whitelist + Public sale in mid-February together.

This also will allow more members who are whitelisted to have more time collect the funds in ETH that they need for the land, which many community members have requested.

A minimum 1-week buffer will be provided, giving ample time to prepare funds for the land NFTs.

Change #4: 50 Additional Whitelists for community events

We will host various community events in our Discord, and we will be allocating an additional 50 whitelists just for these events. These 50 whitelist slots were taken from the PRE-SALE round (we had 50 remaining from the 4,000 pre-sale slots), so we decided to give them to our community!

Change #5: Public Sale Date

We are currently speaking with several partners/platforms to launch our Public Land NFT sale on (different from the whitelist sale). We are discussing anti-bot strategies, and making the NFTs as accessible as possible with little gas fees.

Once we decide on the launch strategy for the public sale of the NFTs, that is when we will announce the public sale mint date, as it depends on the partner we choose. We do not want the whitelist mint date too far away from the public mint date.


We think these changes are an excellent way to include an additional 1,050 members into the whitelist, and also will more fairly allocate whitelists to community members based on similar submission times. Additionally, the extra development time allows our team to further test and provide an even smoother mint process, with additional functionality and UI to make the minting more fun!




Build your army || Conquer opponents || Earn RUBY

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Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia

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