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After over a year of development and design, we are excited to announce the official rollout plan for the Heroes of Mavia Beta.

The Beta will be released in several phases, with each phase growing in playerbase and scope of games features, up until the official global launch on the iOS and Android app stores! Let’s dig in.

1: Beta Phases and Dates

We have divided the rollout into three phases, starting with the smallest playerbase and growing larger over time. This gradual increase in players and audience size allows our development team to test critical infrastructure and optimize assets and logic for the vast range of different device types, geolocations, localizations and hardware capabilities.

Beta Phase 1: Private Land NFT owner access

The Phase 1 of the Mavia Beta will be exclusively accessed by the Land NFT owners. We will begin by allowing in a select handful of land owners in on June 30th, with a gradual rollout over the course of Phase 1 to the remaining land owners.

The purpose of the gradual rollout is to ensure our development team has ample time to address bugs and issues relating to different device types and hardware performance capabilities. We anticipate Phase 1 to last roughly 2 months, giving our Land NFT owner community the first-look and ability to play and provide feedback and testing abilities before anyone else.

Game access is granted via Invite Codes which will be activated on the Mavia website. We will be providing instructions in the Discord for registering your land for the beta and gaining access.

Once Phase 1 is completed, and Phase 2 begins, all progress accomplished in the game from Phase 1 will be reset. We anticipate that Phase 1 will last until the end of August.

Phase 1 Overview:

  • This beta phase will take place on TestFlight and Android as a direct download.
  • Rollout will begin on June 30th to select Land owners, with a gradual release to all NFT land owners over the course of Phase 1.
  • All progress is reset upon beginning of Phase 2.
  • Core purpose of this phase is to test, debug and get feedback from community to enhance the gameplay and polish before Phase 2.
  • Anticipated duration of Phase 1 will be June 30th to August 31st.

Beta Phase 2: Larger Mavia community and waitlisted user access

The second phase of the Beta will allow the larger Mavia community and other waitlisted members to join the Beta (even those without any Land NFTs).

We will be having a waitlist page open prior to this phase which will allow anyone to register for the Beta, including those who are new to the Mavia game and community. We will prioritize our existing Discord and Twitter community first on the waitlist.

This phase of the Beta is anticipated to run from September 1st — October 31st, and will serve as the core beta test for the game, putting our game against the test of tens of thousands of players and ensuring that all mechanics, logic, graphics and software run optimally before our big push out to the world on the app stores.

Our development team will be iterating based off of feedback and bug reports, while also increasing the pre-planned functionality of the game to increase the scope of the Mavia beta and give new experiences and features to all players.

Similar to Phase 1 of the Beta, Phase 2 will be run via an Invite Code system which will be scaled to support email to acommodate the larger number of anticipated users entering the game. Land NFT players will be rolled-in automatically using the same code as Phase 1.

Phase 2 Overview:

  • Phase 2 will take place on Testflight and Android direct download.
  • Rollout is planned to begin on September 1st to the larger Mavia community and waitlisted members, with a gradual release over time to include as many waitlisted users as possible.
  • All progress is reset upon beginning of Global Launch.
  • Purpose of Phase 2 is to increase the audience of the Beta, implement new features not available in Phase 1, and also to test/polish the game based on a large playerbase.
  • Anticipated duration of Phase 2 will be September 1st to October 31st.

Global Launch: Worldwide launch on the iOS and Android app stores

The third and final phase of our game rollout will be the launch on the iOS and Android app stores.

We will begin by launching the game in smaller market countries from each regions of the world (South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East). We will test our various metrics in a real production environment, and optimize them before rolling out to the rest of the world.

We have learned from some of the best advisors in the world on our team, and have agreed that rolling out gradually is the best option for ensuring the most optimal launch, as it gives us almost all of the essential data we need with none of the risk of performance issues in the larger markets such as USA, China, Japan and others.

At the moment, we anticipate the global app store launch to begin in early November 2023.

During the time of the global launch, users are still able to access the beta from Phase 2 until the app store version is available in their region.

2: Access and Invite Codes

The first two beta phases will be using an invite code system to allow entry into the app. This is for gradual user entry into the beta using a controlled and stable method.

For Phase 1, Land NFT owners will be able to visit a designated page on the Mavia website and generate their invite code. Invite codes will not be granted to all Land owners at the same time, they will be gradually released over the course of Phase 1. We will be posting more information on this process in the Discord closer to the beginning of Phase 1.

Invite codes are required to gain entry into the game for Beta phases 1 and 2.

For Phase 2, users will need to register on the Mavia website waitlist screen (to be published after the Phase 1 beta release). We will send the link for the waitlist first to our Discord community, to give them positions on the waitlist closest to the top. After this, we will share the waitlist link to our Twitter community. After this, we will be marketing the waitlist page as an advertisement on social media campaigns throughout TikTok, Instagram and Twitter to a wider gaming audience.

Phase 2 beta waitlist will be available on the website after phase 1 is rolled out.

3: Features and Perks

Both phases of the Beta will allow players to play from HQ levels 1–5. There will be a limited scope of the buildings and Heroes, given the context of the HQ level 5 limit.

Players will be able to attack other Beta player’s bases, with full multiplayer functionality.

Alliances will not be released in the Phase 1 of the Beta, although it is likely to be implemented into Phase 2. As one of the core elements of the game, Alliances will be having some exciting perks for players to join and engage with!

The Armory (shop) will feature the essential buildings during the Beta Phase 1, with the introduction of cosmetics and decorations in Phase 2 of the Beta.

The Mavia Armory in-game

There will be the ability to earn some in-game rewards which can be kept for the real production version of the game for all phases of the Beta. More information will be released about perks and rewards in another article before the Phase 1 rollout.

About Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA Web3 mobile strategy game allowing players to build their base, conquer opponents and fight for their dominance on the Mavia island.

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