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Heroes of Mavia

Mavia Land Owner’s Manual — Roadmap, Benefits and More!


Mavia reached #8 ranking on OpenSea for top 24-hour volume, all within the first 12 hours of launch.
Mavia reached #1 in trending for all categories on OpenSea.

Land Inflation and Future Drops

Discord Perks

Different Land Types

Land Uses and Utility

Land Reveal

Example of our Mavia land (basic woodlands region) with varying designs and unique fingerprinting, making each land NFT unique in look and location. This is not the same design as the tropical, this is displayed to illustrate the subtle differences between each land plot.

Land Owner Roadmap

  • Land Soft-Staking Launched
  • Tier-1 Partnership Announcements
  • First-Ever Mavia Cinematic Trailer Release(end of March or early April)
  • MAVIA Token Launch
  • Hero and Statue NFT Drops
  • Gameplay footage
  • Constant updates, sneak peeks and community events
  • More cinematic trailers
  • Game beta released for land owners
  • E-sports team division formed (tournaments and marketing)
  • Much more to be announced!
  • Global game launch

Land Soft-Staking Mechanics and Rules

  • Common, Rare and Legendary will receive different rewards (or Rare and Legendary will receive additional rewards than common). This is another way for us to deliver value to our higher-end land holders, while remaining fair to all stakers.
  • We are considering offering Hero and Statue NFTs for stakers (this will require gas to mint the reward, but not to stake the land).
  • We will add the ability to whitelist 1 other wallet when you stake, to give you the chance to move your NFT to a hardware wallet or other cold storage wallet without breaking your stake. Any transfer to a non-whitelisted wallet results in your stake being terminated.
  • Land staking rewards and details will be announced on March 12, 2022.

Gas-Free Utility

Mavia Alliances


Closing Remarks



Build your army || Conquer opponents || Earn RUBY

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