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This tutorial will guide you through the minting process for the Mavia Land NFT mint. Please note that this minting process is very similar to the one which will be used in future mints, such as Mavia Hero and Statue NFTs for example.



Before we begin the guide, we want to warn you about a few important things:

  • ONLY mint on — There will never be another minting website, only the official website will have the mint on it. Watch out for tricky domain endings which are used by scammers, like .cc or .org, etc. Only .com is the correct Mavia website
  • ONLY stake on — When staking is made available for land, it will only take place on
  • ONLY sign transactions on — Other websites which claim to add functionality to your Mavia Land NFTs and ask for your wallet signature are scams, avoid these at all costs.
  • We no longer send Emails— If you receive an email claiming to be Mavia, it is a scam. Mavia will no longer send out any emails to any of our community members.


The first Land NFT mint is set to begin on Friday, March 4 at 10:00 AM EST (NYC Time).

In order to better prepare the whitelisted community members and other users who wish to participate in the public NFT sale phase of the mint, we have created this guide to show you ahead of time what the UI and flow is for the mint on

There are two phases of the mint process:

  • Whitelist Sale — This phase lasts 72 hours, and is the first phase of the mint sale. All pre-sale and whitelisted users can mint their allocation guaranteed during this time period, with no fear of “gas wars” or any race to mint. However, if users fail to mint their allocation during this period, then their allocation will be moved to the “Public Sale” phase.
  • Public Sale — This phase of the land sale allows any user to mint up to 5 common, 5 rare and 5 legendary lands each. This phase is designed to sell out quickly, and users may find themselves fighting with others rapidly to purchase the leftover land from the whitelist sale. This phase begins exactly 72 hours after the begin of the mint (Monday, March 7 @ 10:00 AM EST).

Step 1: Create account

The first step is to create your Mavia account. All you need to do in order to create an account is connect your supported Cryptocurrency wallet.

Supported wallets include:

  • MetaMask (including hardware wallets via MetaMask)
  • TrustWallet
  • Coinbase Wallet

After you connect your wallet, you will need to choose your username. Your username can be changed anytime.

NOTE: This username will be used inside of the game and publicly displayed for various staking/game events.

After you choose your Mavia username, simply fill the captcha anti-bot form and then hit “Create Account”.

You will also be asked to sign your signature using your wallet. This is to confirm your wallet ownership, and does not call any functions on a smart contract.

If successful, you should see the “Account was created” popup.

Step 2: Navigate to mint screen

The first place you want to go after you create an account is the “NFTs” page located in the header navigation.

Once you go on this screen, you will see a box which says “Land NFTs” below, this is the Land NFT mint. Click “View Land” to navigate to the mint screen.

Step 3: Mint your Land NFTs

Once you arrive on the mint screen, you will be shown the Common, Rare and Legendary land boxes. Each box can only mint its respective land type.

Depending on your whitelist, you may only be able to mint a single type of land, or you may be able to mint some from each type.

NOTE: Minting more than 1 NFT in a single transaction is possible using our UI, and it saves gas costs also. However, you can only mint a single Land NFT type at a time.

If you are whitelisted for multiple NFTs of the same type (≥2 Common, ≥2 Rare or ≥2 Legendary), you can press “MAX” on the mint popup to mint your maximum allocation amount in a single transaction

After you pay the fee and confirm the transaction in your wallet, the mint transaction will be initiated. Do not exit out of the window, simply wait for the transaction to complete.

A slideshow with helpful information about your Land is displayed after a successful mint.

Once the transaction has completed, you will be presented a short slideshow with details about your new Land NFT.

Closing Remarks

We hope this guide was helpful for everyone who will be minting!

We are working hard to make new types of UI for our users that will last throughout the game, not just as a single use for our initial mint. This framework and architecture we build is scalable and will be used for all of our future NFT mints, and is extremely dynamic.

Land owners can look forward to soft-staking which will be released shortly after the Land Mint, as well as many other perks which are to be announced soon!

About Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA MMO strategy game allowing players to buy land, build a base and battle other players for the in-game token RUBY. There exists three NFT types in the game — Land, Heroes and Statues, each of which can be bought and sold on the Mavia marketplace. RUBY is the main play-to-earn currency in the game, and can be earned by winning battles against other bases.

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