Introducing Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program: Season 1 (Turbocharged)

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5 min readJan 4, 2024


The updated “Turbo Charged” Season 1 Airdrop now includes the ability for anyone to earn airdrop by downloading the Heroes of Mavia app.

TURBO CHARGED UPDATE: The Season 1 Pioneer program now includes an additional 0.5% MAVIA token airdrop allocation for anyone who downloads and plays Heroes of Mavia, starting on Jan 31st (the Mavia global game launch). Anyone who downloads Heroes of Mavia from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and syncs their account to the web is eligible for the Airdrop starting Jan 31st ($MAVIA TGE date). For land owners, stakers and holders, the original 2% of airdrop supply still applies.

We are excited to announce the official reveal of Mavia’s “Pioneer Airdrop Program”!

The Pioneer Airdrop Program is a unique airdrop system, divided into multiple seasons spanning over time to continue growing the Mavia player base and ecosystem.

Introducing Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program: Season 1

Each season of the Mavia Pioneer Airdrop program will consist of different “Quests” and tasks which reward participants in various ways, such as $MAVIA tokens, Ruby, Legendary Items, Sapphire and more!

The first Season of the Pioneer Program (Season 1) includes Land NFT Stakers, Land NFT Holders and early gameplay adopters who download the game and sync their accounts to the Mavia website beginning on Jan 31st.

Season 1 focuses on solely $MAVIA tokens as a reward for the airdrop. The participants in Season 1 include Land stakers from Season 2, 3, 4, Land NFT Holders, as well as users who download the Mavia game from Android and Apple app stores.

Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program Season 1 Portal on the Mavia Website

There will be a total of 2% of the MAVIA token supply allocated to Season 1 of the Pioneer Program for Land Owners and Stakers, and an additional 0.5% MAVIA token airdrop for anyone who downloads and plays the game between January 31st and February 6th (players must sync their account to the website in order to be eligible for airdrop).

An additional 1% of the $MAVIA token supply will be reserved for CEX Exchange related airdrop activities for the $MAVIA token launch. This means a total of 3.5% of the $MAVIA token supply will be used for Airdrops during our TGE event.

The initial circulating supply at TGE will be 12% (30 million $MAVIA). The total Airdrop allocation will make up roughly 30% of the initial circulating supply (3.5% total, 2% for Land stakers/holders and 1% for CEX exchange airdrop activities).

The official TGE date will be announced in the coming days.

The official TGE date will be on February 6th.

The Season 1 Pioneer Program portal will be live in the next week. If you staked Land during Season 2, 3 or 4, you will be able to view your pending $MAVIA airdrop rewards via this portal.

If you are a new holder and did not stake land, you will still be eligible for an Airdrop! The rewards will be calculated for holders closer to TGE, so keep an eye on the portal.

All Airdrop tokens must be claimed within 14 days after TGE. Any tokens not claimed after this period will be returned to the treasury.

We will be making announcements in Discord to ensure all questions relating to airdrop are answered. Join our Discord for more information.

If you are interested in receiving a MAVIA Airdrop and are new to Mavia, you can buy land HERE on OpenSea.

The amount of Airdrop you can earn depends on the Rarity of land, and the total amount of Land NFTs held. Common, Rare and Legendary earn different amounts of MAVIA airdrop, with Common being the least and Legendary earning the most.

Claiming your airdrop is very simple using the Pioneer program dashboard.

All you need to do is connect your wallet on, and if you are eligible for an airdrop, you will see your pending rewards.

If you are participating in the “Gameplay” airdrop, you must also connecy your Google or Apple account to your Web account by going to “My Account” in the profile popup, and signing into the same Google or Apple account used in the mobile app.

When the claim goes live (shortly after TGE), you will be able to claim your Airdrop.

Claiming tokens is simple, just connect wallet and press “Claim”. Your $MAVIA tokens will be deposited to your connected MetaMask or other Web3 wallet.

Keep in mind you must have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the gas costs of claiming your airdrop. We have optimized the smart contracts to reduce this gas fee as much as possible.

Once you claim your tokens, you are now an official holder of $MAVIA!

Future Pioneer Program seasons will include Quests which involve social engagement, gameplay and competitions, Ruby marketplace trading and more!

The Pioneer Program aims to create a long-term incentive mechanism to grow the Mavia community over the span of several years.

There will be rewards in Pioneer Points spanning the duration of the season, allowing anyone to get involved and earn rewards!

Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program Season 2+ Portal on the Mavia Website

In Season 2+, the point system will run off of “Pioneer Points”, which can be converted to various rewards such as Ruby, NFTs, Sapphire, Consumables and in special cases — $MAVIA tokens.

There will be additional rewards and benefits for Land owners in the future. New land owners can be happy to know that we are going to be providing additional incentives throughout all Airdrop seasons for owning land!

We could not be more thrilled to kick off our token launch with this exciting airdrop program for all of our passionate community members!

This section is added as a tutorial for players who want to participate in the airdrop by downloading the game and syncing their account to

Read the Twitter thread for a full guide on how to participate in the $MAVIA gameplay airdrop here:

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