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Heroes of Mavia
Heroes of Mavia
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6 min readFeb 14, 2022


**UPDATE:** The first-ever Land NFT Mint will now begin on Friday, March 4 2022 at 10:00 AM EST (NYC Time).

Minting On The Website

We have developed a unique UX and UI for minting, allowing users to mint their Whitelisted NFTs and also Public Sale NFTs all from the same place.

UI demonstration—does not represent a real user.

Users will see the price, mint progress and the exact amount of whitelisted land they have.

Our custom UI for minting allows users to mint their Common, Rare and Legendary Land NFTs quickly and easily, while also seeing all of their owned Land NFTs in one place.

Popups guide users through the mint process and show the gas costs, and can mint their entire allocation for a Common, Rare or Legendary batch in a single transaction, saving time and gas.

A video tutorial will be created before the mint to explain to everyone exactly how the mint process will work, and visually guide users before-hand so they know what to expect.

Order of Events:

Whitelist Mint (Feb 25–28):

The whitelist mint will go live on February 25th at 10:00 AM EST.

There are 3,000 Land NFTs which have been allocated through a whitelist process, in addition to another 4,000 Land NFTs sold in a pre-sale to partners and guilds.

Both whitelist and pre-sale purchasers are able to mint during this period.

Users who received a whitelist will have 72 hours to mint their NFT. Users must complete the mint by using the wallet address which was recorded in the whitelist program, provided by the user.

After 72 hours, any Land NFTs which have not been minted will be distributed to users in the public sale.

Public Mint (Feb 28):

As described above, the public sale will only consist of Land NFTs which were not minted in the whitelist sale. Users who did not have funds to mint their Land NFT, or who did not mint for any other reason will no longer have access to their land allocation exclusively. Instead, those lands will now be placed on the public sale contract for anyone to purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The public sale will go live on February 28th at 10:00 AM EST.

To participate in the public sale, simply have ETH funds ready and on standby in your MetaMask, Trustwallet or other supported wallet. When the public sale goes live, you will be able to mint land — but hurry! These land will sell out fast.

Binance NFT Public Sale (Feb 28-March 3):

The Binance NFT sale is a public sale of 1,000 Mavia Common Land NFTs taking place on Binance’s centralized NFT marketplace. The process is completely separate from the Mavia whitelist program, and anyone with access to Binance can participate in this sale.

A tutorial on the Binance NFT Subscription flow can be found here:

The process for purchasing land on Binance is as follows:

  • Preparation Stage: The first important stage is the preparation stage which will begin on 2/28 at 12 AM UTC, and it will close on 3/2 at 2 AM UTC. Users will have to participate in this stage in order to qualify for buying a Land NFT. During this stage, users must demonstrate they are holding at least 0.1 BNB in their wallets in order to verify they are active users. Users will be able to see their average BNB holding on the staking dashboard 24 hours after the preparation stage begin (it takes 24 hours for the data to get refreshed). The average BNB holding will be calculated on hourly basis. Therefore, we strongly suggest users to hold at least 0.1 BNB before the preparation stage begin and to hold down to those BNB until the preparation stage end.
  • Subscription Stage: All eligible users will move on to stage two, aka the subscription stage. During the subscription stage, users will be able to purchase NFT tickets with ETH. Each ticket is the same price as the Common Land NFT, and Binance has capped the maximum at 2 tickets per user. User will be able to choose if they want to subscribe to two tickets or just one. (The more tickets they hold, the higher chance they will get to be selected as winners). The subscription stage will begin on 3/2 2AM UTC and will close on 3/3 9AM UTC.
  • Calculation Stage: The third stage, aka the calculation stage, is for Binance to calculate all tickets and to randomly select winners. The final stage will begin on 3/3 12pm UTC with the NFT distribution to winning tickets.

Important: Each step is very time-sensitive, so please prepare ahead. Users will not be able to participate if the time window closes for any given stage.

Preventing Scams:

Make sure to bookmark to prevent getting tricked into minting on a scam clone of Mavia’s website.

There are many scammers looking to trick our users into “minting” NFTs on their clone look-alike website, which will only result in users sending their funds to a scammer.

Please bookmark the website, and ensure you only mint your whitelist on our official site. We will NEVER have another website you can mint/stake NFTs on, only ever on

Scammers may try to reach out to you through Telegram, Discord or through email trying to get you to visit a fake website or trick you into giving your private seed — always ask a Mavia Moderator on Discord if you are ever unsure!

Mavia Land Benefits and Roadmap:

There are many benefits to owning Land in Mavia, and the full list of these will be shown in another post.

However, it is important to show the roadmap and plans we have for Land NFTs, to give our Land Owners an idea of what they can expect from their Land.

  • Land Mint: The first major milestone is the Land mint, described in this post.
  • Land-Owner Discord Group: The same day as the official mint, there will be a land-owners only group set up on Discord, creating an exclusive community within Mavia. The development team will be extra engaged with this group.
  • Land Staking: Land staking allows users to soft-stake their land and earn passive rewards simply by not selling their land and holding it in their wallet. $0 in gas fees, and very easy to do!
  • Land Reveal: After the mint date, the second most exciting day for Land owners is the “reveal” of the base design for each NFT owner. Every single Land NFT will be given a unique location on the Mavia island, with a custom-designed look and environment setup for your future base. This image and map location will be revealed in Q3 2022, after our team completes the design, placement and polishing for each plot of land.
  • Beta Access: Land owners will gain early access to the game beta, giving them a first-look and at the Mavia game and ecosystem before anyone else.
  • Several Surprises: We have several unofficial benefits and surprises waiting in store for our land owners. More information on this will be revealed at a later time.


Mavia is a AAA MMO strategy game allowing players to buy land, build a base and battle other players for RUBY. There exists three NFT types in the game — Land, Heroes and Statues, each of which can be bought and sold on the Mavia marketplace for MAVIA token, and the NFTs can only be upgraded by using the RUBY cryptocurrency. RUBY is the main play-to-earn currency in the game, and can be earned by winning battles against other bases. Mavia is currently in development, and the official token launch and game launch dates will be announced at a later date. For more information, please visit:

Skrice Studios Website

Official Mavia Website

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