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The Mavia Art Gallery Grand Opening

An online image gallery developed by the Skrice Studios team to showcase both community-made content and official Mavia game artwork.


We are pleased to announce to our community (as an unannounced surprise) the grand opening of “The Mavia Art Gallery”.

Art Gallery Link: https://mavia.com/gallery

The art gallery will be the central location to showcase our top community drawings, paintings, sculptures, IRL art, and other past/future art submissions.

In addition to community art, Skrice Studios will use this art gallery as a place to organize and reveal concept art and 3D renderings of Mavia’s various characters, buildings and landscapes.

Past art submissions get quickly buried in the art-n-design channel on Mavia’s Discord.

The Need For The Art Gallery:

The Mavia Elite competitions and Land NFT whitelist art challenges resulted in thousands of impressive original pieces of art submissions for the Mavia community to enjoy, but there was no central place to organize and showcase all past art pieces. After only a few new art pieces posted to the Discord community channels, the old art got buried quickly.

After many months of seeing the beautiful fan art created by our extremely talented community, we at Skrice Studios were saddened to see so many great pieces get buried at the top of the “Art” channel in the Mavia discord, never to be seen again.

So, we decided to develop our own “Pinterest” like art gallery which showcases all of the beautiful art created by both our community and Skrice Studios.

How Art Pieces Are Added:

All of the art pieces added to the gallery were hand-selected from our team.

Art is not able to be uploaded directly from community members to the website, it must first be added to the Discord channel and one of our team members can add it to the gallery manually. This is done for moderation purposes.

Shoutout to SirKevmo, for spending countless hours helping us curate this extensive list of art.

If you have a piece of art which is missing, or you would like to request a name change or edit to an art piece, please create a ticket on the Discord and one of our team members will reach out to assist.

Art Gallery Features:

↕️ Sorting By Categories —On the home screen, you are able to choose a category to filter the displayed art.

🔎 Searching Art — The search bar allows you to search for art pieces by name, category, creator or Mavia Elite team.

👍 Liking Posts —Show your support for your favorite art pieces with the “Like” button! Note, you must be logged into your Mavia account to like posts.

▶️ Previewing Videos and GIFs —Preview videos and GIFs by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail preview of the post.

Infinite Scroll —No clicking needed! Scroll through seemingly endless pieces of art submissions, curated from the beginning of the Mavia community!

⬇️ Download Original Files —All files are able to be downloaded in RAW original form with the download button on the “View Post” screen.

🔗 Link Sharing Previews —Sending links of art pieces through SMS or messenger apps will display a preview image of the art piece contained in the link.

👨‍🎨 Viewing Creators —You are able to view the “Creator” of the art piece by clicking on the username on the “View Post” screen. Viewing a creator will show all of their art work on the gallery.

👑 Mavia Elite Team Portfolios —If an art piece is related to a Mavia Elite team submission, that team’s name will be attached to the post and you are able to view all of that team’s art on their portfolio screen.

About Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA MMO strategy game allowing players to buy land, build a base and battle other players for the in-game token RUBY. There exists three NFT types in the game — Land, Heroes and Statues, each of which can be bought and sold on the Mavia marketplace. RUBY is the main play-to-earn currency in the game, and can be earned by winning battles against other bases.

Skrice Studios Website

Official Mavia Website

Mavia Twitter

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Build your army || Conquer opponents || Earn RUBY

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