The Mavia Elite — A Competitive Ambassador Team Program

Heroes of Mavia
Heroes of Mavia
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5 min readFeb 7, 2022


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Each team must have exactly 10 team members. Not 10–25 anymore, exactly 10. This will simplify the reward structure, and make teams more manageable for Captains. Also, there will be 6 winning teams each season. Tier 1 = 1 winner. Tier 2 = 2 winners. Tier 3 = 3 winners.

Now that Mavia’s very successful Land NFT whitelist program has come to a close, our team is excited to reveal the next opportunity for our community members to get involved in the project and earn rewards.

Introducing The Mavia Elite — a new and unique type of ambassador program which combines the very same elements used in the Mavia Land NFT whitelist, but with a competitive twist.

How Mavia Elite Works

Every member of the Mavia Elite becomes an ambassador for Mavia, helping to spread awareness and promote the project, and receive rewards in return. However, unlike traditional ambassador programs, the Mavia Elite members must join teams and work together to compete against other Mavia Elite teams.

Teams of 10 community members can unite forces, and work together as a unit to produce quality content, art, memes and more.

Teams can choose their own custom name and branding, and they must work together combining their talents and skills to produce the best combined portfolio of submissions across several different mediums of content/contributions to the Mavia community.

At the end of each month, the teams will submit their portfolio of work for the community, moderators and judge panel to review and vote upon. There will be three Tiers of winners, with six winning teams total. The six winning teams will be rewarded with Mavia NFT whitelists, in-game items and other gifts. Additionally, winning teams and their members will be showcased on the Mavia Elite webpage, permanently recording and displaying their victory for that month for all to see.

Minimum Team Requirements

Each team must have the following to be eligible for the Mavia Elite competition:

  • A Captain — This is the leader of the team. The Captain is responsible for recruiting and managing the team’s members and work.
  • Teams of 10 Members— Each team must have exactly 10 team members. The individual specialties of the team members can vary, but it is recommended to have a broad spectrum of talents to improve the chances of winning.
  • A Unique Name — Each team must have their own name. You can be creative and choose any name you like.
  • A Logo/Icon— Each team must have a logo or icon which represents their brand and team in a visual form. This will come in handy when you promote your team in memes/art submissions.
  • Adding Team to Discord Bio — Each team member must show allegiance to their team by adding to their Discord bio “Elite Mavian — [TEAM NAME HERE]”.
  • Acceptance into the Mavia Elite program— Not all teams that apply will be able to compete. Each month we will select a fixed amount of teams to compete, to keep quality of competition high. The amount of teams selected will vary based on demand.

The Competition

Similar to the whitelist, there will be several submission pools which teams compete amongst each other in.

  • Art Submissions — Teams must create art that is Mavia related. Teams are allowed to submit their entries over the month into the art channel on Discord for the community to comment and discuss.
  • Meme Submissions — Memes are a fun and creative way to promote Mavia and your team both inside and outside of our community. Follow the same guidelines and rules from the whitelist when creating memes. Keep it original, appropriate, and Mavia related.
  • Content Submissions — This can be Twitter threads, Medium blogs, YouTube videos and more!
  • Community Engagement — Just like the whitelist program, we are looking for active engagement with our community across social media and our Discord channels. Spamming is not allowed, but the more quality engagement you and your team does, the better.

Please note, you are not required to submit content from each pool, but it is strongly recommended. The judge panel will vote on your team based on the cumulative score across all pools, so each pool is important to win. It is also recommended that your team has talent in each of the four pools, to remain competitive across all of the pools when you submit.

Your team should be creating content and engaging with the community all month. At the end of each month, you will compile all of the content/art/memes created and submit the portfolio in the designated Google Form. For community engagement, the moderators and judge panel will take notes on the top engaged teams/members.

Each competition lasts only 1 month. The next month, a new round begins, and your team can re-enter or you can form a new team.

Once your team is accepted into the program, you are not able to change/replace team members. Choose your teammates carefully Captains!

How to Get Started

Getting started in the Mavia Elite program will require some networking within the Mavia discord.

1: Form a team — You can start your own team and recruit, or opt to join another team and contribute in your own unique way.

2: Complete participation form— To enter your team into the competition, you must fill and submit the participation form. The link will be announced in the Discord at the beginning of each month for each new competition round. Each team only need to submit one form, and it will include the team name, logo, Captain and each members Discord username and information.

3: Get approved — Each team must first be approved to enter before they can compete.

4: Compete as a team — Over the month of the competition, your team should work hard to produce quality content and engage with the Mavia community on Discord and other social media channels.

5: Submit your portfolio — At the end of the month, we will provide a form for your team to submit all of your work in your portfolio. We will also keep internal notes for community engagement activity. Once all portfolios are reviews, the winners will be voted upon by the moderators and a panel of anonymous judges. The judges are kept anonymous to prevent tampering with the voting process from outside interests.

Winning Team Rewards

Each month there will be three tiers of winners — Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. The higher the Tier, the better the prize. To start, there will be a single Tier 1 winner, two teams that win Tier 2, and three teams that win Tier 3 (as total of 6 winning teams).

The rewards vary each month, and will be announced at the beginning of the competition.

Example rewards may include:

  • Land NFT Whitelists
  • Hero NFT Whitelists
  • Statue NFT Whitelists
  • MAVIA Tokens
  • Rare In-Game Items
  • Hero Skins
  • Base Decorations
  • Exclusive Mavia NFT Images
  • And more!

Each winning team will also have their name, logo and members permanently placed on the Mavia website on the “past winners” section.

During the month of the competition, all Mavia Elite members who are competing will have a “Mavia Elite” Discord badge placed on their username.