Hero Token Advisory — Token Sale has NOT STARTED

To our Hero Token Community,

We recently encountered several scammers on Slack sending direct messages under David Margendorff’s name and using his profile picture, albeit with different usernames. They duplicated the Hero website (using .co domain) and stated that the pre-sale was live.

Nobody gained access to any of our data, all they did was create a copy of our website and send direct messages to members on Slack and abusing the reminder function. All features we can’t deactivate.

As safety is our utmost priority, we urge everyone to check our #Announcements channel to confirm any information regarding the date of the pre-sale (which has not yet started). Our team will only publish the Ether address via Email together with our official website www.herotoken.io and the #announcements channel on Slack but never via direct message. In the event that you are offline, and receive a message Slack sends you a reminder via email which might seem like a message from us, but it isn’t. Always check the #Announcements channel since this channel is almost impossible to access for anybody other than @david (Co-Founder).

If you receive a message from @david.hero, @david.herotoken, @david_hero, @daviid or @david_herotoken, please ignore all — they are fake. We have blocked those five accounts, temporarily deactivated the registration of new users on Slack, and informed the domain registrar.

We are constantly checking and screening to prevent malicious characters and scammers from attacking our community.

We are reaching out to everyone with this WARNING, please read thoroughly!

If at any time you receive a Direct Message / Email from any user DO NOT ENTERTAIN and ignore it and report to us immediately.

1.DO NOT click on the links provided by these illegitimate characters posing as HERO representatives. The pre-sale has not yet started.

2. NEVER SEND ANY TOKENS to the addresses provided by these characters.

3. BOOKMARK our site: www.herotoken.io. This is our ONLY official website.

4. ALWAYS check the #announcements channel on Slack. If you don’t see the information there then it is NOT TRUE.

We extend massive appreciation and THANKS to members of the community who were quick to notify other members about this.

We are working on ways to make our Slack an even safer venue for exchanging information and ideas.

Thank you.

Your Hero Token Team