Hero Token Pre-Sale Date Announcement

Hello there!

We’d like to share the excitement with you! After days of anticipation, we are now officially announcing the date of Hero Token’s pre-sale:

Friday, September 1, at 8pm (GMT+8)

Singapore 8PM (GMT +8)
Beijing, China 8PM (GMT +8)
Seoul, South Korea 9PM (GMT +9)
Tokyo, Japan 9PM (GMT +9)
Berlin, Germany 2PM (GMT +2)
London, UK 1PM (GMT +1)
New York, US 8AM (GMT -5)

Not yet registered in the pre-sale?

To reserve your spot in the pre-sale, you need to send a direct message to @david on Slack (do not post it in #general).

Example: “Hi David, please reserve 10 ETH for me. Thanks”

There will be a minimum of 10 ETH during the presale. There is no maximum amount you can invest.

Extra tokens are offered to those who commit early. During the first 3h of the presale you will get +30% bonus token and +20% if you come after the initial period (3:01h-24h). After day one you receive +10% on Day 2 to Day 3.

Example: One (1) ETH is equal to 200 Hero tokens. That means that one Hero token is worth 1/200 ETH. Bonus tokens are allocated on top of the tokens you are purchasing. For example, if you are planning to buy tokens for 50 ETH within the first 3 hours, you will receive 10,000 tokens plus another 3,000 tokens as a bonus (which represents 30% of your 10,000 token purchase), so 13,000 tokens in total.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies are Ethereum (ETH), ETH Classic, BitCoin (BTC), Ripple, LiteCoin, Waves. If you want to invest in USD, you will need to buy ETH or BTC first.

Already registered?

For those who have already reserved and received a confirmation either via Slack or Email please DO NOT send another message unless you want to change or cancel your allocation.

What’s next?

You will receive detailed instructions on how to send your contribution before Friday via Slack and Email. On Friday just before 8pm (GMT+8), the instructions will also be available on our website www.herotoken.io.

Do you have questions about Hero Token? We are hosting a 2 hour AMA (ask me anything) session tomorrow on Reddit. August 30, 2017 6pm (GMT +8) at our Subreddit!

Join the AMA here: (link)

- Your Hero Token Team

PS. The most prestigious Chinese ICO-rating agency: icoPod, just released a report for HERO, with an A rank. Read more: http://www.icopod.com/projects/hero/

Safety Reminder

Security continues to be our utmost priority. As such please make sure whenever you receive a newsletter/email or Slack message (direct or through Slackbot) you verify its content since somebody else might have gained access to our accounts and is sending those emails. The way to verify our information is by checking if those match our only and official website at www.herotoken.io our Slack #announcement channel, Medium page and our Bitcointalk thread. As long as the information are the same and eventually the wallet address is the same on all communication channels you are very much safe.

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