How to create a public Ethereum address using MetaMask

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Follow this guide:


Go to and click on ‘GET CHROME PLUGIN.’ Please note that the only compatible browser for Metamask is Google Chrome.


Click on “Add to Chrome”


Accept the warning or pop-up to “add extension”


You will now see the Metamask icon on your Chrome browser. Usually it is at the top right.


Scroll down to read the terms and conditions and agree by clicking the “Accept” button.


Enter a password on the required fields and then click on “Create” to start the process of generating a new wallet address.


Once you have created a vault, you will be provided a unique Metamask account pass phrase or seed. Copy these words and save it in a very safe place. You will need it to restore your wallet in the event that you lose access to it.


Your account has now been successfully created. Now you need to make sure that you are on the ‘Main Ethereum Network.’ Click on the Network selector on the upper left corner of the Metamask window.


Click on the “three dots icon” to open the account options drop down. Then choose copy address to clipboard. Now you can paste your address to a notepad or basically anywhere on your computer. This is your Public Ethereum address.

Remember, you still need to put funds into your wallet if you want to use it to send your contributions. Check out tutorial on how to send contributions using MetaMask here.