Dear HSSS: How Can a Man Juggle Two Women? by He Said

Hey everyone!! There was a reader who’s been through a situation and wanted HeSaidSheSaid (HSSS)’s opinion. Here’s her story….

Being the other woman was never something I was known for! Well for 7 years there was me and another woman who shared the same man. How can a man juggle 2 women & say he loves both of us? He had us down pack from eating at the same restaurants, to family dinners and giving the same gifts.

When I started to notice what was happening I had already wasted time and tears. She came out of nowhere — with pictures, screenshots, emails, dates and much much more. No matter how I tried to play it cool — I knew about her all along and I must admit it hurt like hell. He even got us the same initials chain with of course, his letter, D! How could he be in a relationship with 2 women, and admit he loves both of us???

What she didn’t know was that I knew more about her than she knew about me. See he loved me more because even after the whole break down he wanted me, not her. I loved myself more than he loved me. Lies and deception can never make a relationship work. The trust will never be there and never be the same! Broken hearts are made for two, one for him and one for me! I knew him losing me would hurt him more then me walking away.

He Said… How can a man love two women?

It’s quite simple actually. It may not be right, actually in our society it’s very wrong. However, it’s not difficult to explain.

The way that a man can fall in love with two women, is if he’s building with two women. Just like women, when a man spends quality time and emotionally connects to a woman his feelings are going to grow more and more with time. So if he makes time to do this with more than one woman, his feelings will grow over time with both.

Society teaches the boys from a young age that they should be with as many girls as they can. The more the better. Boys are taught to acquire women for sport. This is a flaw that is built into the males of our society and it grows into a way of thinking that is the opposite of how females are raised.

Society teaches females that there is that “one” special guy out there that’s specifically made for her. They are also taught that dealing with numerous guys at one time is blasphemous and forbidden.

So since these two aspects are completely opposite there causes a major problem. Men are celebrated for dealing with numerous women and women are scolded for dealing with numerous men. Men are also insulted for only committing to one and women are praised for finding a man who is willing to commit to one woman. Society has divided us completely. It’s really a tough thing to overcome.

I don’t know this guy, but there’s a chance that he did not have enough maturity to adjust his way of thinking. So regardless of his feelings for his girlfriend he may still subliminally have a fear of change. As I said before, it’s not right….but it’s very simple. At the same time every relationship is different and some people actually flourish in a relationship involving three people. To each its own.

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