#WDW — Worst Dates Wednesdays II


She said: Okay, this week’s worst date story comes from a close friend of mine. Let’s just call her, JJ. Now JJ is a smart, responsible and beautiful lady, who is very conservative, afraid of heights and likes the finer things in life.

However, when it came to dating, she would let her date talk her into any kind of adventure. She often did things she did not even like, which leads me to her latest dating disaster.

JJ’s date invited her out on a Sunday afternoon to go outlet shopping near the Poconos Mountains. So JJ dressed casually for her date in a white t-shirt, ripped up jeans and sneakers. Her date wore a t-shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers.

On the way to outlets, her date read a sign on the highway that says “Zipline & Dine for $99.” He did not ask JJ if she wanted to do this, instead he pulled off the highway and headed to the resort.

While her date paid for their “Zipline & Dine” package, the cashier looked at her with concern and asked if she wanted to try hiking instead. Of course, JJ did not take the hint and decided to zipline anyway.

As if things could not get worse, there was a storm coming and black clouds started to fill the sky. Clearly this was a sign that JJ should end her date but she wanted to be open minded so she headed up the mountain to start one of the four zipline courses, which were Easy, Beginner, Intermediate and Black.

She had no problem completing the first three courses. However, the last one was very challenging for her and the most difficult one. She only did it because her date dared her.

On the final course, she lost her balance twice due to the people behind her running on the cords or her grip slipping off the cords.

Each time she dangled 600 feet in the air. She desperately tried to pull herself up and ended up cutting up her hands/palms on the cords.

As if this date could not get any worst, a small crowd gathered below her to watch her struggle. Twice a rescue instructor had to climb up and to help her get to the next pod.

Where was her date you ask? Well, he was two lines ahead of her and did not look back to see if she was okay.

With her wounded hands, she attempted to finish the last section of the final course. Lord help her!!! As if it was planned perfectly, the storm arrived and it began to pour.

During her landing, she failed to put her feet up and was dragged on her back until she reached her date at the finish line. He did not even offer to help her up.

JJ was a wet and dirty mess. Her bra was showing through her wet t-shirt. Her date looked at her and said, “Hooters!! I told you I do crazy things. Hang with me and you will see the crazy things that I do.”

The date was not over because they now had to dine at the resort. JJ proceeded to the restaurant and ate a burger in her wet/dirty clothes.

Did JJ learn anything from this dating disaster? NO, she decided to go on another date with this man, which had her flying high….To be continued.


He said: One of the most important things of dating is interaction. If the chemistry is good between the two of you then the date will usually end up well. That doesn’t always happen though.

Social media can be used several different ways. Most people expect you to be the character that you portray on the Internet.

So I met this girl on a social media site. She wanted to interact with my “online” personality, which is me saying a few “racy” things here and there. I use social media to help me get all the weird thoughts and observations out of my brain.

So long story short, this girl was super rude. I mean as rude as a high school bully. This made me very uncomfortable. I could handle what she was saying, but the responses that were popping into my head were highly ignorant and disrespectful.

I just wasn’t that comfortable with taking things there on a first date. I knew nothing about this person. I mean I say some pretty mean things but not purposely.

Anyway, we ordered our food. She didn’t know how to interact with the waitress or even how to order her own food. I was turned off for the second time.

While we waited for our food, she continued with her ignorant comments and those comments kept piling up. I tried to change the subject but it was like she wanted me to be a complete asshole to her.

FINALLY, the food arrived and we began to eat our dishes. I noticed that she doesn’t know how to use a knife and fork. Now this is the the third time I am turned off by this female.

At this point I was ready to go and whatever I had eaten didn’t agree with my stomach. Another sign that this wasn’t a good date at all.

I really do not like to use a public bathroom so now I started rushing the waitress for the bill. I rushed my date to finish eating her food.

Once we are in the car, she wanted to talk and play around. I just wanted to get her home as soon as possible.

I dropped her off and she was STILL trying to have a deep conversation. I had to say something ignorant to kill the mood. I told her that I would call her tomorrow.

I raced home and it seemed like I caught every red light. Every bump seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.

I finally made it home and now there was no parking. I had to park around the block and run home.

I barely made it to the bathroom without having an accident. I definitely won’t forget that night. I never went out with that girl ever again.

Writers: He Said & SheSaid

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