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Crusader: No Remorse

Nostalgic Game Review

Welcome to a new episode of the Nostalgic Game Review, where each month I muse over an old game I played long ago. Other than indulging my own nostalgia, this column also hopefully shed some light on game design and reflect on how gaming technologies have evolved.

Without further ado…

Crusader: No Remorse (1995)

Do you know of a game that’s your ‘safe default’? Meaning, it may be an old game, yet you feel comfortable to play it anytime, knowing that you will always have fun doing so. “ Crusader: No Remorse “ is that game for me. Come to think of it, this may be the one game why I started the nostalgic game review column! It is the one game I can always talk about, with passion. It was the game that got me hooked and got me through some tough times. So I am very happy to be covering this game today. 😀

What is it?

It’s a sci-fi action game developed by Origin Systems (known for super hit titles like Ultima series, Wing Commander series, and System Shock) and published by Electronic Arts in 1995.

You play the character of ‘Silencer’, an elite member of the soldiers of evil mega-corporation who ‘went rogue’, awakened by an incident where you realized the silencers are being silenced and the world is coming to get you.

The game world is in isometric view where the ‘Silencer’ navigates the beautifully rendered world, building up his resources, armors, weapons, arsonals, and blasts through the numerous levels each in its unique settings such as military complex, laboratory, office, rebel camp, and even a space station.

The rich gameplay is filled with different ways/strategies to defeat the enemies: you can blast them with heavy weapons, or boobytrap it and ensnare them into their death, or sometimes you can find remote console to control mechs to do your dirty work:

No matter the strategy you chose, the destruction in this game is designed with a rewarding explosion or gory ‘fatality’ (as in, people in flame screaming, or melted by your plasma weapon…)

There are also NPC interactions throughout the game that helps immerse you into the storytelling

Weapons and their unique bullets, as well as shield/energy upgrades can be found in various locations from fallen enemy soldiers, chests, or be purchased through an arm dealer at the rebel camp

The latter levels definitely gets harder with ‘elite class’ soldiers that are more difficult to deal with

The game is built with a heavily modified 3D engine previously used in Ultima VIII, and the result is just gorgeous. The sound effects and music were all very amazing. Actually here is a Youtube video for its soundtrack (I still switches between this and Lofi to this day)

What’s in it?

The game came with a ton of goodies. Aside from the game disc, manual, quick control guide, there are also newsletter, posters, and articles that look like it’s straight from the game world. This was how the game immersed the players (before all this AR/VR/metaverse fuzz came about 😉

My Impression

Great graphics, indulging, entertaining gameplay, great sound effects and music, and… playing as a Mandalorian in red armor? Absolutely love it!

The keyboard control has a bit of a learning curve at first, but once I picked it up, it stayed with my muscle memory throughout the years. Actually, the developer tried to ‘improve’ it on the sequel ( Crusader: No Regret), but it was somehow different enough and it became hard for me properly enjoy the 2nd game. :p

The game is available on GoG.com for only a few bucks! But without paying you can also check out this video to see the opening scene and beginning level of the game:

That’s it for this episode of Nostalgic Game Review! Thank you for visiting! I appreciate any comments/feedback or if there’s a game you would like me to cover 🙂

Stay Tuned…

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Originally published at https://heta.link on November 20, 2021.



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