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Week of November 01

Welcome to my weekly letter, where I share a few noteworthy articles and my own commentary. Without further ado…

Weekly Read

  • An Outdated Grid Has Created a Solar Power Economic Divide (Wired) — the path to decarbonize our energy infrastructure is a mundane and costly one… I wonder if it is time to consider other slightly more controversial alternatives? (and Yes, I know nobody wants these in their backyard… but consider when everyone’s backyard is all underwater?)
  • The Grid Isn’t Ready for the Renewable Revolution (Wired) — another article on the same topic but looking at how thermostats and adjusting usage patterns can potentially help mitigate the issue to some degree.
  • IoT: An Internet of Threats? (Maddyness) — to enable a future of IoT devices requires a re-design of authentication so the data can be handled securely, with proper traceability. Using something like FIDO definitely sounds like the right way to go. From another source I am also excited to learn of Google’s effort with Thread.
  • A New App Helps Iranians Hide Messages in Plain Sight (Wired) — very cool use of encryption and steganography to keep people’s private conversation… private (like how it’s always supposed to be?)How IBM lost the cloud (Protocol) — interesting history lesson on how once the king of innovation can fail such a critical business (cloud) — sometimes it is not about sticking to a legacy model and keep bending backwards for the customers, it’s about having a clear vision and a strategy, and really listen to your employees’ ideas. 😉

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend!

Stay Tuned…

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Originally published at https://heta.link on November 5, 2021.



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