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Hybrid Insights; 7 Examples of Bridging Design Research and Data Science

Images of methods described below

1. Pairing Narratives and Trackers

Cultural Probes Box for Participants
Energy Dairies designed by Ross Atkin (2015)

2. Developing Meaningful Usage Propositions

1st Draft of Balance Dashboards, learn more about Balance Trees here; but in a nutshell, you are looking at a visualisation of 4 attributes of body balance over multiple days, designed by Simon B Johnson
One participant's story panels
3 Propositions, informed by Quant + Qual Data

3. Triangulating for Clarity, Leaving Lots of Room for Inspiration

Internal dashboards to understand patterns of medication ingestion, routines and instances of customer support, designed by Simon B Johnson (synthesised example data shown)
Some scenarios which emerged (illustrations by the talented Yeni Kim)
Metaphor cards being used by Celine Pering

4. Gathering Beautiful Evidence*

10-second long exposure of a participant who had recent surgery on her right knee
Small Multiples of 10-second exposures
Data Science behind body balance (Simon Johnson)

5. Unpackaging & Highlighting Perspectives

User groups by Shruti Grover
Collages with user stories redacted by Shruti Grover

6. Quick Organisational Immersion

A collage showing our task: connecting innovation advisors to field workers (Shruti Grover)
Redacted Network Diagram of MSF innovations by Simon B Johnson

7. Design Impact

A WIP map for community mapping by Shruti Grover




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Shruti Grover

People — Impact — Design / Co-founder at http://hetco.io/, Human Centered Designer, Researcher