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Map highlighting areas of population not mapped in OpenStreetMap

Where are the maps missing?

Some of the unmapped areas in Liberia (http://simonbjohnson.github.io/missingmaps_whatsmissing/maps/liberia/)
Libera population map from Word Pop Website
Monrovia, Liberia in OpenStreetMap
Comparison of dataset runs with different parameters for zero building. Lighter = mapped, darker = unmapped
Kakata, Liberia in OpenStreetMap
Buildings not traced due to cloud cover
Incorrectly suggested areas to map in Monrovia
Map showing under mapped areas in Ecuador (http://simonbjohnson.github.io/missingmaps_whatsmissing/maps/ecuador/)
  1. Investigate more than just buildings
  2. Creating more intelligent feedback on when to trust World Pop data in well mapped areas
  3. Create aggregated/fuzzy views to account for World Pop noise and allow easier exploring
  4. Create maps for all possible countries



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