Husky Life in Lapland

Life in Lapland is insular. And exhausting. My bones are heavy with the daily grind and we have entered the time of the polar night.

People from outside see the drama of the landscape, the exotic nature of our lives. The Indiana Jones moments on the tours. The cuddles from the dogs. The blazing sunsets over white deserts.

People here feel the drudgery of an older, harder lifestyle which leaves less time for living. Less time for self.

The TV is full of reality programmes of those living our lives in Alaska, the Last Frontier, on a frozen lake, etc. And I watch these with interest as if I was watching a neighbour across the street. And it reminds me of how strange this way of life must seem to most.

Here the immediacy of life is so demanding that I wonder about the realism of trying to take time out to actually think about it, let alone write about it. But I will try. And I will also try to get thoughts and comments from some of the many whose life path has crossed ours and become part of our large extended family.

For now, let’s simply start this blog and see where it leads.