Introvert Becomes An Extrovert

Years ago,my circle was very thin and small, filled with just school friends and family members. Still it wasn’t seems to be small at those times. I was happy. The reason for having such a small circle is that I always feared of meeting new people. I was an introvert, and then things got changed.

Loved being lonely

Back in days, I use to do things alone. never seeked for an company. It was actually fun being so. You’ll get lots of privacy which you wont be having when filled with people around. Those days were really beautiful moments of my life, I was like a king ruling my own kingdom. I had a separate room where I use to live most of the time :P Days were moving like that, I started to live in my own dream Island. Till school days, nothing changed.

Growing up !

We can’t stay in school for rest of our life. There must be a new destination, and it was college for me. The first day, still I remember, I had a epic self introduction to my first bench mates. The day was totally occupied with new people and new environment. I felt that this is not again going to be similar to school life. I was pushed to come out of my lonely zone and face this really huge world. Soon I got adopted to it and learned to live with. Got some really great friends in college, But I never thought it’s going to be even more crazy after my third month in college.

The unexpected new world

It was month of October, I was just searching for events and fest happening across the city. Suddenly one of the post in got my eyes, Yes, it was about GDG Chennai’s Devfest 12 post. I was super excited hearing that it was Google Developers Group. I always had a dream of joining google, and this event just got my mind into dreams. So I decided not to miss this opportunity, I booked the tickets for me and my cousin, waiting for the event date. And Finally it was the life changing day, I checked in at RainTree hotels for Devfest, My first community event.

I was completely new to me, looking around it was geeks everywhere talking about technology talking photos with posters, networking with others. I was little scared, but my cousin helped me start mingle with people, We spoke with all the speakers and organizers and even had a chance to secure my goodie for a fun event. And towards the end, we went to the organizers, thanked them for such a wonderful event and reminded them to call for upcoming events and walked our way home.

Things get even more crazy

As days went, my curiosity took me to most of the events happened in the city. Regardless of the type, I attended all the events including Business events without even knowing what it really is. I started to spoke well with people, and ended up in building my friend circle a huge one. One day, I was invited to volunteer for a workshop that happened in SRM University, I was really freaking out that day, being a guy of second year, helping final year people how to code and design web pages. That day I got this dream of becoming a speaker, I never had an idea of that before being an introvert person. So I thought of giving it a shot, decided to talk about something on the stage, prepared a small presentation of my project, started to address the crowd. But no one was showing the attention towards me. It was a big failure for me that day, and lost the hope of becoming a speaker.

Dreams came live

After that event, I became closer to GDG Chennai and soon joined in the core team, hosted many events and managed many people. I got a visibility in the industry and people starting knowing me. Later I joined in Skcript and become even more busy :P started forgetting college little by little. And days went very beautifully. And one day this women named Saumya just entered my life and started changing me, helped to direct towards my destiny. One day while we were speaking, suddenly she said me you’re a introvert person, try to come out of that and start to mingle with people, and I said okie, Let me give it a shot. Soon I got a opportunity to handle a workshop in SRM University, I was like this is the right time to show off to the world who am I, and not gonna mess up this time. I prepared myself like a kid preparing for public exams, Having her words in mind I somehow tried to control the stage fear and managed to present among the students of SRM University and that workshop for a big success for me. Then I went to few more colleges like Sathayabama and successfully handled sessions. My fear to talk with people reduced and I become social then.

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