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Welcome to HexHive!

Welcome to my brand-new publication on Medium, HexHive! I’m Aaron Apollo Camp, the author of this new and exciting Medium publication.

Logo resembling a bee and a shield
Welcome to HexHive! Here’s the new publication’s logo.

Every couple of years or so, I’ve felt the urge to completely rebrand my online presence for one reason or another. With the turn of the year from 2021 to 2022, I’ve once again thought about how to rebrand my online presence.

In the last few years, I haven’t written too many blog posts anywhere online, as I’ve gone through a ton of changes in life, especially in the past couple of years. As I’m returning to blogging more frequently, I’ve once again had to think about if and how to rebrand my blogging presence.

How I decided on HexHive as the name of my new publication came about as a product of me experimenting with a vector graphics computer program called Inkscape. I was teaching myself various ways of arranging hexagons, and ended up creating a logo that I like to call the bee shield, as the shape of it resembles both a bee and a shield.

The name HexHive is a portmanteau of “hexagon beehive”, and the “Hex” in HexHive also stands for the six categories that most, but not all, stories in this publication will fit into at least one of: analysis, opinion, writing, politics, sports, and technology. HexHive will be a publication of analysis, opinion, and more about writing, politics, sports, technology, and more!




A Medium publication primarily focusing on writing, politics, and sports

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Aaron Apollo Camp

Aaron Apollo Camp

Openly-polysexual author and aspiring poet from the American Midwest

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