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Conbi is Hiring for Software Engineer Interns

About the job

Conbi is revolutionising the way business users make data-driven decisions. 79% of businesses today are not making optimum use of their data to make decisions. At Conbi, we are trying to close the gap between people and information by making it super easy for anyone to get access to data-driven insights.

If you love building ground-breaking products from scratch, this role is for you. You will own everything from design, development, maintenance, and testing of what you build. We are looking for a coding ninja who finds every opportunity to make our product better. This candidate will be a part of our core engineering team, reporting directly to our CTO & Co-Founder.

Conbi is an early-stage startup (HQ: Mumbai). We are growing really fast and have received early interest from companies such as Amazon, Google, Tata, Oyo, Swiggy, and many more. This is an extremely rare opportunity to be one of the first few members of our Engineering Team!

As we grow, this role will grow as well- this will be a 3-month internship position with the potential to convert into a full-time position. Apply now to join our rocketship 🚀


Application Development:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and resolving infrastructure vulnerabilities and application deployment issues.
  • Deploy, maintain and scale web applications from scratch.
  • Analyze and improve the efficiency, scalability, and reliability of our backend systems.
  • Write robust code and write functional, performance, and system test suites.
  • Work as a member of a team, helping the team respond quickly and effectively to business needs.
  • Interact with our product management team to understand customer requirements and build iterative improvements.


  • Build APIs to Integrate with different database management systems (MySQL, Oracle) and other cloud-based systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Marketo, HubSpot, etc.
  • Provide support and troubleshooting specific to API usage with end customers.
  • Design, build, and maintain APIs, services, and systems.
  • Design and build APIs between frontend and backend.

Database Architecture & Design:

  • Contribute to the design of information infrastructure, and data management processes to move the organization to a more sophisticated, agile, and robust target state data architecture.
  • Design and develop databases and API solutions to store structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources.
  • Design & develop data management and data persistence solutions for application use cases leveraging relational, non-relational databases and enhancing our data processing capabilities.
  • Design and implement scalable backend systems that process and manage large volumes of customer data.


  • Knowledge of algorithms and datastructures.
  • Highly proficient in Python & Java.
  • Knowledgeable in core Java, Exception handling, Collections API, Multithreading with the latest concurrency package.
  • Good knowledge of OOPS concepts.
  • Knowledge of database management systems (focus on relational database models that can be queried using SQL) like Oracle, MySQL, etc.
  • Familiarity with frontend and backend technologies which includes Python, React JS, Flask, AWS, SQL, Java, Django.
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting software issues and debugging a variety of codebases.
  • Knowledge of cloud based platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure and so on.
  • Ability to know what you don’t know and learn quickly!


  • This internship will have a monthly stipend
  • Recommendation letter from the Founders based on performance
  • Potential to convert into a full-time role based on performance
  • Opportunity to work with the best in a rapidly growing startup

Online Interview Tips:

Video interviews are the new normal. In an age of powerful technology, it’s no longer necessary or practical to bring candidates to you or to go to them. In fact, people are increasingly interviewed and hired without an in-person meeting. Here are ten tips on making sure you ace your next video interview:

  1. Know your time zones: The video allows us to speak across (great) distance. Make sure you’re clear if suggested interview times are in your time zone or the interviewers. Try converting the time zone according to your specific time zone.
    Know your tech. Familiarize yourself with whatever technology the interviewer has asked you to use (Skype, Zoom, etc.). If you’ve never used the tool before, get comfortable with the interface in advance: how should your computer be positioned so the interviewer can see your face at a comfortable angle? Are your camera and microphone connected and working? Many people un internationally make a bad impact on the interviewers because of this.
  2. Minimize off-screen distractions. The only person you should be interacting with during a video interview is the interviewer.
  3. Choose a proper background: When choosing a space to show up for a video interview, be conscious of how the setting you’re calling from reflects on you: choose a well-lit room where you can sit in front of a neutral background.
  4. Avoid backlighting (when no one can see your face) and spotlighting (when you sit with light close to you and look like you’re telling a ghost story at a campfire).
  5. Be prepared for glitches. Distractions will happen. Technology will fail. Stuff will come up. Handle these smoothly and professionally.
  6. Be your best and authentic self. Being unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology is not an excuse for a poor interview. As soon as you know you’ll be doing a video interview, do what it takes to feel confident and at ease on screen. If that means you need to practice in advance with a friend or colleague, do so.
  7. Emphasize your skills and Achievement: Focus on your skills and accomplishments, including high school/college coursework, volunteer and co-curricular activities, and your computer and language skills. Previous internships or work experiences are important as well as describing your transferable skills: communication, interpersonal, organization, strong analytical and problem solving, and more.
  8. Emphasize the Positive: You may be asked during the interview to give a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Remember in these types of questions to focus on the positive. When referring to weaknesses, recognize those things you feel you need to work on and quickly shift to actions you have taken to improve in this area. Specific examples can be helpful to illustrate your progress.
  9. Close the interview with confidence: The beginning and end of the interview can be the most crucial aspects of the interview. End your interview with confidence. Thank the interviewer for his/her time and ask when you may expect to hear back from the employer.
  10. Follow up the interview with a thank-you note: Take this opportunity to clarify a topic discussed in the interview and to reaffirm your interest in the organization and the internship. Send a thank-you note to everyone you interviewed on the day of your interview.

The questions you should prepare for:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why do you want to work at this company?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Tell me about an experience when you made a mistake and how you fixed it?
  5. What are the three things you wish to see in the firm you are working for?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 3 years/5 years/10 years?
  7. Tell me about anything else which you have done or you are proud of but it is not in your resume?
  8. What are your expectations from the company or colleagues?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?

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